my children and other Misc. pics

My son and Angele:

If you knew what my son went through to get this pictures. He stood outside Angele's trailer at the 2002 Nat's at Englishtown during a rain delay, shouting here name to come out, persisting, even after George Bryce told him She was sleeping. Finally after I guess she couldn't take it anymore, she came out. After the picture, my son said " Dad, she's not nice" I tried to explain what he had been doing for the past hour wouldn't make anyone in a good mood. Hope we are allowed back next year

My son and daughter at the track one night in 2002

You might wonder what these next pictures have to do with anything , but heres the story. The Gym was in the garage from the time I built it, then I bought the first 442, the 72 street car. Then came the race car. Now I need a garage to work on the cars, so I put a second floor on the garage and moved the gym upstairs. I actually made the second floor bigger by over hanging the sides by 2 foot. These first couple pics are when the gym was downstairs.

Construction of the second floor

finally finished!

The gym upstairs, much nicer with the ceiling finished and all.

The Pool table room and the Hot tub

Me and my friend mike at my promotion ceromony April 8, 1998

Me and my brother on vacation

Pictures of my Uncle Frank just before he passed away in 2004

Me and Ann Marie in uniform 2005

New Siding installed on the house Oct. 8 2004