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Updates as of: 29th of January, 2003

Warning!: While this page loads, reading the text may cause eye strain. I didn't think this was a problem because I assumed most ppl are patient but I guess not everybody. I am not responsible for any eye problems associated with this site. Just be patient and wait for the background to load before preceding and it's always good to wait for the images as well. You know how it is when you've got pixie ppl running around your site causing chaos. Some things you just have to get around because of the little inconvenience these lil rascals may cause. And with that out of the way:

Mwhahahahaha!!! You have been kidnapped and now you are trapped in the depths of my page! Many strange things happen here like Bananas (who like to eat toes..yum! (and no I didn't make a typo by capitalizing the B..these Bananas are mean and ticklish) The pixie people like to hang out here and mess with stuff. So watch out for those little rascals. They might steal your coffee and hide it in a tree deep in the forest so the squirrels can be more hyper than they already are. This is a place for a fruitcake like me to relax. Ever since I moved in with Amandatello, life as been good. I don't have much here in my fruitcaked world but it is slowly being built up. (and I mean slowly..I blame that on the pixie people) The main purpose of this site is to express my love for the TMNT and also a home for my odd fanfiction.(beware of rabid rats who like to eat cheese naked!) With that I leave you to the horrors

Food Chain!

Splinter wants to eat the cheese. Of course the cheese doesn't look too happy about this. Poor cheese! And who's that creeping up from behind? Why it's Klunk and he looks hungry for that giant rat. Naughty klunk!! Not nice to eat Master Splinter!

Here's something to ponder for awhile:

"Oh, I wouldn't sing if I were you..the pixie people might make you wash their undies!"

If you have any comments, concerns,or suggestions please drop me a line!

This is my friend Sunspot. Isn't he cute!

This is my turtle friend, Sunspot.  Isn't he cute! He helps protect my page from the Pixie People but there is only so much one can do. At least they're afraid of him cuz they know he bites!
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