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What is Net267?

Net267, The NY Capital/Adirondack Net, is a local subdivision of the FidoNet International network, located in the Northeastern NY Area, specificly assigned to the entire 518 area code area as defined in the phone directory. Although we are assigned to the 518 area code, we WILL provide node listings and feeds for those outside our defined area under some circumstances.

We are a part of Zone 1 (North America and Caribean), Region 13 (Mid- Atlantic USA).

Our purpose is to provide FidoNet access to any within our geographicaly defined area who wish to recieve it provided they meat the minumum standards as described in FidoNet Policy Document 4.07.

Net 267 is capable of providing feeds via direct telephone dialing methods, as well as internet based BinkP, automated FTP, and TransX encoded E-Mail attach methods.

Feeds can be provided for systems outside of the Net267 georaphicaly assigned area via internet delivery methods provided the system either has no existing local net in their area, or the local net that does exist in their area is incapable of providing a compatible feed for them.

Net267 provides all services of FidoNet International including Host Routed Netmail, Echo Routed Netmail, all backboned public message echoes, "local net echoes" that are exclusive to Net267 only, and access to the File Distribution Network.

You will find all the information you need to know on how to get yourself involved as a node member of Net267, how to set your system up, how you can feed from us, as well as much more detailed information on exactly what FidoNet is and does right from our homepage.

Browse around, check it out, find out more, and hopefully we will either see you either calling some Net267 BBS's, or applying as a node yourself really soon :)

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Email: steeplejack69@yahoo.com