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What is the mission of Net267?

Net267 has been around since the beginnings of FidoNet and individual nets were first used. At one time Net 267 was a rather large local group of individuals who participated in the oldest existing, as well as first, non-commercial, non-governmental or institution based, worldwide electronic messaging network in the world.

At one time FidoNet, around the globe, had over 30,000 participating FidoNet BBS's each containing a userbase that could range anywhere from a group of ten or twenty freinds, to over a hundred daily active users. When one looks at these numbers, if the entire network were tallied, it can be seen that since it was formed back in 1984, that a few million people have graced the halls of Fido. These numbers are from not too long ago... it was only until just a few short years ago that FidoNet was at it's peak.

Unfortunately, in the USA, FidoNet has been on a decline since the internet really exploded, and the total number of systems worldwide have reduced in half just because of the USA's decline... In Europe, FidoNet is thriving as strong as it ever did, boasting over 15,000 systems there alone, and Russia is on a rapid increase in system usage, meanwhile, there are only slightly in excess of 1,500 surviving FidoNet systems in all of North America.

What does this have to do with our mission? Simple. Many have said that it is the fault of the internet that FidoNet has declined. We at Net267 disagree. We feel that it is a lack of knowledge on the part of the general public here in the USA that such an electronic alternative even exists that has caused the reduction in usage. It used to be that everyone knew what a BBS was, and could discover FidoNet that way, however, since the great internet explosion occured, a new generation has come of age, and all they have ever known is the internet. Who's fault? FidoNet? No. FidoNet is a non-commercial entity, and BBS's themsleves are run by hobbyists and provided for free, so we can't compete with the mass media attention given to all things web. Our services are provided for free, and we recieve no income from any sort of advertising at all... when we say FREE, we mean FREE, with no strings attached.

What our mission is, is to not only make available the services of FidoNet within our assigned area, but to attempt to develop methods of letting the people of the NY Capital and Andirondack regions know that we are here, and how they can access us. With any success, we can use our area as an example of how FidoNet and BBSing can be revived in other parts of North America, and put us back in the game as large as Europe is now.

One way we hope to do this is by making FidoNet easier to join and recieve than ever before. FidoNet is no longer restricted to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) connections to circulate our distribution. We now use internet based services such as automated FTP, and TransX encoded e-mail attachments to deliver our packets... it has sped up distribution time considerably, and made it unecessary for a person to have an additional dedicated phone line to recieve FidoNet.

Traditionaly FidoNet was used to provide BBS content. This is no longer one of those unwritten requirements. Many in FidoNet don't consider a node a -true- node if they are not operating a BBS. We don't believe that way. We will now allow full node status to anybody who wishes to have it. even if they wish to recieve it only for their own personal consumption. This can be done either by direct-dial polling, or by an internet feed method, and the software, known as "point" software, is easy to set up and use. We will be putting together a couple of distribution packages for the different feed methods that will allow a person to be recieving FidoNet very quickly indeed.

The most important part, aside from ease of access, is getting the word out. We hope to gain the aid of some local computer clubs, local computer publications, as well as local periodicals, in allowing us to run small ads at little or no cost that will point people to this website, or provide a voice contact number for information. We would also like to gain the support of some public institutions such as local libraries and schools.

All we have right now, until this plan can be further developed, is people like you, who have found this site and are interested, so go ahead and find out all the information you need on joining us, and tell everyone you know with a computer and modem to check us out as well.

We hope to see you in our nodelist soon!

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