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Bushwick Expressway
& Cross-Brooklyn Expressway

What Could Have Been on Conduit Boulevard in Ozone Park, Queens, NY
Bushwick Expwy Interstate-78 
Jeff's Brooklyn & Queens Expressways

from crossbay

The Bushwick??????? You got it! The Bushwick Expressway. It coulda been a contendah! It coulda been the champ! Coulda, woulda shoulda! Well, neither the Bushwick, nor its erstwhile brother Cross-Brooklyn Expressway ever got off the ground, but their aborted fetuses were not entirely scraped off the landscape. At least one overpass and interchange survived the cancelled plans and a large grassy center median separating North and South Conduit Boulevard in Ozone Park, Queens heading for East New York, Brooklyn, that was to hold the Bushwick right-of-way, stand as witnesses to what might have been.

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