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Oriskany Fire and Hose Company

Oriskany Independant Fire and Hose Company, Inc.  Celebrating 100 Years of Service.

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Please be patient, this site is currently under construction.  Please stop back frequently as we will update regularly.  Please mail us any suggestions you may have.  

Currently the fire department runs almost 400 calls each year.  EMS, Rescue, Fire, and Hazardous Materials Response are some of the Emergency Services that are provided to our community and those surrounding us at no charge.  Our department is located in Central NY between Utica and Rome (Syracuse and Albany).  Our current roster has about 50 active members who work hard to continue the legacy of neighbors helping neighbors for over 100 years.  Our geographical area located in the Town of Whitestown and the Village of Oriskany ranges widely from agriculture, residential, commercial, and industrial.  The district covers about 6 square miles including a railroad system, State Barge Canal, Onieda County Airport, and a county correctional facility to name a few.  Approximately half of our district has hydrants that are maintained by the OC Airport and the Upper Mohawk Valley Water Authority.  

Our members strive to be well trained as well as  many other department in the area.  We are surrounded by the following fire departments:  City of Rome, Stittville, Stanwix Hieghts, Westmoreland, and  Whitesboro.  Other departments that are close are NY Mills, Yorkville, Maynard, and Clark Mills.  (if any members of these departments have a FD web page, please let me know so I can make a link)  We like to work closely with all neighboring departments.  The Oneida County Airport maintains a Crash Rescue Fire Department with Two Osk Kosh Engines for initial fire suppression of aircraft.






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