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Oriskany Independant Fire and Hose Company, Inc.  Celebrating 100 Years of Service.

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Our Current Fleet

The fleet of Oriskany Fire Department is comprised of four main pieces of apparatus.  A 1990 Ford PL Custom Rescue, 1984 GMC Pumper/Tanker, 1995 Smeal Quint Aerial, and a 1999 Smeal Engine.  The equipment aboard each apparatus is inspected regularly and is of the highest quality that we can find.  To the left you will see our four main pieces of apparatus listed.  Please click on them to find out more information on each peice.  

Not listed are several other pieces.  Due to the geographic location, we found it necessary for our department to obtain a boat.  Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to purchase a Quick Silver three person boat with a 5 horse motor.  This allows us access to parts of the state canal that we would otherwise not be able to reach.  This resource, like all other department equipment, is available to other departments through the mutual aid system (911) at any time.  

Like most other departments, we to have several historical pieces that we take pride in.  Our 1941 Engine 1 has been fully restored and we are told that it can, and will if necessary, out pump any apparatus that we have today.  We also have a typical hand drawn hose cart that was used  in the early days of the department.  The counter part to that is the hose sled that is kept as a gift to the Home on the Hudson's, Firefighters Museurm.  This sled was used in the winter.  In the summer a wheel system was put on the rails to allow it to be pushed in the dry weather and summer.  Several other apparatus have come and gone, but each one has been a cruicial part of developing the standard which we follow to this day.  




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