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review 2

Julianna on "Saturday Night Live"- 2/12/00
By Kelly

Ok, It's taken me forever to get this done, but I'm FINALLY getting around to it! Anyway, here we go.....

Opening Scene: Bill and Hillary Clinton
Ok, I guess this scene was ok. I mean, Julianna wasn't in it, so I wasn't paying too much attention. Frankly, I am sick to death of hearing about Bill, and being from New York, I am now sick of hearing about Hillary as well. But, I have to give Darrell credit, he did a good job.

Monologue: Julianna Margulies
First off, I loved her outfit. Not many people I know like leather pants, but I do. Anyway, she looked great. I found the ER Special Veterinary Unit parody of Law and Order to be hysterical. Great job by everyone who was in the "trauma room". It was also nice to see Noah Wyle show up with his little mustache as he and "Dr. Mathaway" get ready to kiss. Anyway, Julianna did really well and I enjoyed it.

Litter Kritters:
Eh, it wasn't too great. Frankly, just the thought of cat litter being molded into toys turns my stomach. Even if it is fake. Julianna wasn't in it, but Cheri did an ok job. Probably one of my least fav scenes of the night.

Regurgitating Family:
Oh my god! I was practically rolling on the floor during this sketch! I mean, it was so disgusting, but Julianna did such a good job. When Chris Kattan asked her to chew his pie for him, I had tears running down my face! Great job by everyone in this scene, especially Will and Chris who both looked ready to throw up as chewed food was being spit into their mouths. Julianna started to laugh, which made the scene even better.

E! Sketch:
LOL. Julianna as Liz Hurley. All I have to say is, "Is that my rack ringing?" LOL. The dress was cool. Looked kinda funky, I mean, having a yellow telephone across her chest. Anyways, she did a good job. The part where "Luka" was sent to maka good sperm for Madonna's new child was funny. Hm.... wonder if they'd called him Luka on purpose.

Simma Down Now!:
Definetely my favorite sketch of the evening. No matter how many times I hit rewind and watch it again, I always end up laughing so hard I give myself a stomach ache. The whole cast did a great job in this scene. Julianna's hair was well.... umm... remember that show "Married With Children"? Her hair remonded me of the mothers of that show. LOL. But a great job done. Especially funny when she held up the photo of David Schwimmer, the NY times, and asked "What a beaver do to a log?". I also enjoyed the part where Tracy came up with his "Hand" in a zip lock bag saying "I've been simmering for about three hours. I think I'm gonna pass out." LOL.

Animal Planet:
Did Julianna borrow some blood fromm the ER set for this one? I mean, this sketch was ok. Not a favorite, but not the worst either. It hit me in this scene that Julianna can pull off ANY hair color. She looked a LOT like Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel in this one. Chris did a good job. Though, the accent got really annoying after awhile.

Weekend Update:
What can I say? I didn't pay attention to this much at all. Julianna wasn't in it, and Colin wasn't all that funny. Can't rate this one really, wouldn't be fair.

Musical Guest:
Ok, I have to admit, DMX was actually good. Now, I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I like it. But I was expecting a total bomb. But he was pretty good!

Tootsie Roll Commercial:
Another scene that was pretty funny. I mean, in the beginning I was like "yeah, whatever." But, as they started giving out the guys phone number I was laughing. Then, when Julianna was crying over how embarrased he was and the guy asked her out and she was like "OK!" LOL. That got me.

Savin It:
Ok, I'm a Jessica Simpson fan, but this one was good. Jimmy and Will were great, and the "Angry Cobra" thing was hilarious. And that outfit on Julianna, man, where are my sunglasses? Just a BIT TOO bright! LOL. But good scene. Especially at the end with "Jessica" running after them calling "Hey, you guys, umm... what was it like?"

Musical Guest:
Ok, same as above, though I liked the first song more.

The Bloater Brothers:
Funny scene, by Julianna. First off, the wigs the guys were wearing were horrible. I immedietly thought of that dude Screech from Saved by the Bell. Second, they just got annoying! But I enjoyed Julianna. LOL. Its still hard to imagine her saying "We can go up to my room, smoke some put." LOL. Smoke some pot? Weird but funny.

BORING. Thats all I have to say. the commercials are bad enough, but this too. I dont need to say more.

Julianna was EXCELLENT! OMG! I've seen this eppy so many times now and it just seems to get better and better! I definetely hope that they ask her back again!