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carol hathaway

Pilot Carol Hathaway has been through a lot over the past 6 years. A suicide attempt, many boyfriends, a painful goodbye to her new fiancee, the birth of her twin daughters, and a happy reunion with Doug Ross. But what about everything else? Here's a guide to the life of Carol Hathaway over the past 6 years.
  • Pilot: Let's start this way. She was suppose to die. Carol was not suppose to survive this episode. She tried to commit suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills along with alcohol. In fact, some people have debated the fact whether or not she actually did die in the pilot and was magically brought back without an explination. Either way, we're all happy she's still around.
  • Season 1: Carol returned to work 6 weeks after the suicide attempt. Hoping to get on with her life. At this time, we are introduced to Carol's fiancee, Tag, an Orthopaedic Surgeon. On the season finale of season 1, Carol and Tag are set to be married, but at the last minute Carol backs out. She realizes she does not love Tag. Now the audience knows this, but they do not come out and tell you. Carol still has a flame for Doug.
  • Season 1
    Season 2
  • Season 2: Carol begins a relationship with paramedic Shep. Things between them are going well and Carol even buys a house. But then, after Shep's partner Raul dies, Shep becomes upset and depressed. Things start falling apart and Carol and Shep break up.
  • Season 3: During a nurse's strike, Carol is the only ER nurse in the hospital. the rest are floats. A trauma comes in and Carol gives the patient the wrong blood. She is suspended and during her suspension, she is held hostage in a local food store. After she returns to work, she decides to take the Pre-Med exams, and passes in the 85th percentile. But, she realizes she loves her job and decided to remain a nurse.
  • Season 3
    Season 4
  • Season 4: Carol and Doug become a couple again. After dating awhile Doug proposes and Carol says yes. But, right after the engagement, Carol goes on a paramedic ride along and kisses paramedic, Greg Powell. She and Doug fight for awhile, but eventually make up. Then, at the end of the season, she and Doug put their careers at stake when they secretly rapidly detox a baby who is addicted to Methadone.
  • Season 5: Doug and Carol's relationship is as strong as ever. They continue as usual when Carol thinks she may be pregnant which freaks Doug out. When she realizes she is not they are both relieved but realize they want a baby and decide to start trying for one. Then, Doug resigns following the death of Ricky (terminally ill boy with ALD) after Doug gave his mother Joi the code to the Patient Controlled Analgesia machine (possibly allowing Ricky to receive an overdose of Morphine causing respiratory depression and death). Carol gave him the Patient Controlled Analgesia machine through the Clinic after Genetics told Doug he couldn't have it. Carol confronts Anspaugh, who has closed her clinic due to the involvement with Doug's illegal activity, she tries to persuade him to reopen it. Anspaugh brushes her off saying he can no longer trusts her judgment and reasoning any more. Carol bargains asking Anspaugh to reconsider by letting someone else he trusts run the clinic. Later on Carol sees Lynette who is shutting down the clinic, Carol tells her Anspaugh has agreed to keep the clinic open if she runs it, Lynette says she can't, that she is no good at it and shouts at all the wrong people. But Carol makes her feel guilty, looking at a pile of notes and asking where are all these people going to go. Doug leaves and he couldn't have left at a worse time. Just weeks after he leaves, Carol finds out she's pregnant. And within a few weeks of that, gets the shock that she is expecting twins.
  • Season 5
    Season 6
  • Season 6: The season starts with Carol being 6 months pregnant. We see the pregnancy continue as well as could be expected. Then, on November 25, Thanksgiving, Carol goes into labor. She goes into labor on the EL where Luka happens upon her and carries her to County after she passes out. In the ER, Kerry discovers that Carol is already 10 cm and ready to push. Carol protests, saying she does not want to deliver in the ER. Kerry compromises with her, saying if they deliver the first one in the ER, the second one can be delivered upstairs. Carol agrees and delivers a healthy baby girl whom she names Tess. Then later, it is discovered Carol has a proplapsed cord so they perform and emergency c-section. At first, the baby is unresponsive but soon begins breathing. As they are closing Carol up, they cannot stop the bleeding and want to perform a hysterectomy to which Carol protests. Later, when she wakes up, she is relieved to find they have respected her wishes and she finally names the second baby, who is also a girl, Kate. Later in season 6, Carol is again asked by Doug to join him in Seattle. She has no idea what to do, but, in May, an end stage cancer patient comes in and makes Carol realize she and the girls belong in Seattle, with Doug. She boards a plane almost immediately and reunites with Doug.

  • At the end of season 6, Carol left Chicago for Seattle, to be with Doug. Here's a whole section with pictures from their reunion, plus a couple of video's where you can watch them.

    Doug and Carol Reunion

    Carol Hathaway's Home
    Big thanks to Phyl who not only took the picture of the house in Chicago, but also allowed me to use it on the site.