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julianna 2000 in the news

The Translation:

Fans: Oh, Carol- 5/28/00


Usually the true addicted fans makeing lots of efforts for the love of their life for educational icons full with "deep" and "wisdom" mostly for good looking famous celebrities of the pop area. Thats why we were surprised to find this very private site which was built with lots of work and efforts without the help of the agents and any formal publicity of the makers of "ER", and its all dedicate to the emergency room's nurse Carol Hathaway, Julianna Margulies.

We were surprised, since Margulies is not one of the people which you call sex idol or a teen celebrity, and still she looks like for lots of males (not exactly she, but the character she is on the show) the ultimate date, the ultimate girlfriend or the ultimate woman.

the "Julianna 2000" site was built by Kelly Farrell, a 15 years old girl from New York, who was smart enough and have built 2 more sites in the same spirit: one is devoted for the love of nurse Hathaway to pedeatric Doug Ross (who is being played by George Clooney), and the other one is dedicated to the "Ross-Hathaway sisters" who are the twins which nurse Hathaway is having on the show. All these sites has everything you wish to know about Margulies- Hathaway, includes all her bio, movies which she was on, and even a photo of her (beautiful) house in Chicago. The site is very well built and not very "showing off" and even that it was built by a young girl, it is very well build.

  • the little square near the pics tells...... from the "Julianna 2000" - the site which was build by a 15 years old girl from New York"

    Big thanks to my friend Lihi who translated the article for me and sent me the pic!