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The Inter Stellar League Webpage!

Welcome to The Inter Stellar League! This is a PBeM (Play By e-Mail) RPG , which is based on Tom Vogt's Mystic Arena game. The game takes place in the future (as you can tell by the picture, which is actually from Babylon 5 as a Vorlon Planet Killer, though it's supposed to be the command ship were on , the Galgas. For a better view of the picture, goto here . This picture was provided by the Babylon 5 Picture Archive, BTW.)

You can go to the Application page directly by Clicking Here , but please visit the following:

The Inter Stellar League's Player's Guide (READ THIS BEFORE JOINING!) .

The official Mystic ARENA's Player's Guide to the game

The Official Beasts that are in the Mystic ARENA's Player's Guide (The League's beasts are in the League's Player's Guide!)

The Equipment and Drugs that can be found in the game and also it's the official Mystic ARENA one

This is the Character listing in the game, INCLUDING their bios

This is the Link Page for the Game, showing other Leagues pages as well as other sites

This is the NPC (Non-Player Character) listing in the game

This is the League's story page

This is the League's list of locations you can go to in the RPG! .

This is the League's Timeline of the history of major events in the game's universe .

This is the League's listing of present and past league champion's and links to their bio's from there .

Click here if you plan on joining the RPG, as this is the link to the mailing list. Sign up for the list, and the Commissioner will OK you if he gets an application from you as well (Go to the application form at the link above) .

The Inter Stellar League's Character Generator program copied from the Mystic Arena homepage! (Special Thanks to Lady Rebecca/Jon Striker) .

The Inter Stellar League's Rankings, Overviews and Lists page .

The Inter Stellar League's Fights & Challenges page .

The Inter Stellar League's Fights History page .

The Inter Stellar League's Major Events listing page .

The Inter Stellar League's Online Character Status Page .

*Reminder: This is currently under heavy construction, and will be modified over time *

All Babylon 5 (TM) is copyrighted by J.M.S, Babylonian Productions and Warner Bros. This sites and all of the other linked sites are in no way meant to infringe on B5. Also, note that Mystic Arena is copyrighted by Tom Voigt, and his jurisdiction :-)