Great Links (part 2)

As I had mentioned on the previous links page here is my request for your assistance. There are several of us searching for ALL members of the 2/47th (Mech.) 9th Inf. Div. who seved with the unit in Nam. If you or someone you know fits our search please contact me at

Some Good Places To Go

In Country Women
Women Vietnam Veterans
Women in Vietnam
American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too!
The 176th Assault Helicopter Company Pages
The 3/39 Infantry (9th Inf. Div) Website Great Rach Kien photos and more!
Sandy's Home-Many Great Resorces
d'bassman's MIDI sequences
VVA Chapter 11, Suffolk County New York
PBS' The American Experience In Vietnam
A MUST VISIT site !!! History of the Vietnam War 101
Doc Bureau's USN Hospital Corps and USMC Pages
Doc's Military and Patriotic Graphics-Thanks Doc!
Veteran's News and Information Services
Vermont Veteran's Links and Memorials
Mystree World -a great developing website focusing on Adoption
11 Bravonet's Homepage - A moving, powerful site
The Op Center - A Military Resource and Information Guide
A Web of Online Dictonaries-800 Dictionaries in 160 Languages
Troubled Waters-A Vast Site Well Worth Your Time

More Links To Check Out

LCDR Bob Prinselaar,USCG(ret) Home Page- Do not miss this One !
Reflections- Another Don't Miss Site !
NetLingo-The Internet Language Dictionary
International Hall of Honor - Place A Flag To Remember A Lost Buddy
SETI at home -Hello,Is there Anybody Out There ?
MAPQUEST - I strongly recommend this Free instant map site!
Is That Asteroid Really Going To Hit Earth ?
The Exploratorium:Museum of Science,Art and Human Perception
THE Farmer's Almanac
National Weather Service Home Page
The Draft Board (Selective Service System History/RECORDS)
The American GULF WAR Veterans Association
Metaspy -See What Other People Are Searching For
Don't Know How To Get There?-MAPBLAST-U.S.Driving Directions
Gunny Fallon's Pages-Excellent Retrospective of the '60's and '70's
Essential Links
How Stuff Works-Now You Can Find Out
Mediabuilder-A Great Site For Free Help Building Web Pages
Australian Viet Vets - Sunraysia Vietnam Veterans
The VA -Department of Veterans Affairs Homepage
James C. (Skipper) Bishop's Site
Nam Vets Answer Questions Club at Yahoo - STUDENTS CHECK THIS SITE FOR ANSWERS!!
River Roads Koi - great site by some good friends

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