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Henry Jezek

Pictured above is one of several men who inspired me to work on this website. Henry Jezek arrived in Nam as a 1st Lt. on Jan.3,1968 and departed as a Captain on July 8, 1969 (553 days). Henry's duty assignments were: Platoon Leader, Bravo Co., Scout Platoon Leader (HHC), XO A Company, BN Staff, Commander B Company, Commander C Company, Commander A Company. His last two weeks in-country were as Commander, Company C, 3/60 Infantry, MRF, which he brought back to Fort Lewis WA, the first ARMY Battalion to return to the world. Henry has spent vast amounts of time and energy gathering data and putting former members of the 2/47th in touch . Thanks Henry!


This rather cryptic photo is a combination of two of the many aspects of my very good friend (until he sees the picture) Ed Andrews. Ed was the first person to respond to my search for members of Bravo 2/47 on the Internet. He has been the most encouraging and supportive friend I have ever had, helping me through some very difficult times as I stumble forward in my PTSD world. Without Ed there would be no SGT. FATS' LINKS, he is a driving force behind many of the better things that have happened to me since I came online. He was the one who encouraged me to contact Harold (Doc) Peterson, who had written to me some time ago .Through Ed and Harold, I found friendship and focus, and became involved in the effort of creating this website. Ed had the privilege of serving in three of the four platoons in Bravo Company. He remains, to this day a man of many aspects, one of which is creating his own website, HOTEL BRAVO, a diverse view of a complex and caring man and his world. I thank you Ed for all you have done for me . (This also goes for Ed's incredibly supportive wife, Cheri).

Binh Phuoc

Outside In Binh Phuoc by Jerry Newton

Camp Panther

CAMP PANTHER by Jerry Newton



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