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I have created this page due to the reactions I have received from so many of the visitors to my site who responded to my PTSD information. It must be understood that I am no expert on the treatment, diagnosis, or adjudication of legitimacy of claims of PTSD (even though I have lived with it for over thirty years). I have tried to research links I hope will be of value to my fellow PTSD sufferers, some of which can be found on my regular Links pages, Award Winning Sites page, and here on this page. The difficulty I have in focusing on what I am doing for any prolonged period of time sometimes must seem like poor web site authoring to some of my viewers. It is my intent to try to educate and perhaps help anyone who visits this site. From many of the email responses I have received, I seem to be doing something right and this makes me feel good. Thank you.

It is very important that we realize we are not alone and that someone actually cares about what is happening to us. It is even more important that we try to help ourselves, by getting assistance any way we can. I want to assure everyone that PTSD can affect anyone, male or female, child or adult, veteran or non-veteran. Certain professions such as Law Enforcement, Fire, and Rescue of any type seem to be conducive to PTSD. Victims of sexually based crimes or other abuse at any age are also prone to PTSD. No matter how you got it just remember that I am here as are many others on the Internet to help and we do care.

Sgt. Fats

A very special THANK YOU to my friend Jeff Northridge (another Bravo 2/47 vet) for helping me find the National Archives/ Code of Federal Regulatuions site

Survivors by Norm Bergsma

SURVIVORS by Norm Bergsma

The above print (used with permission here) and many others by Norm Bergsma are available at Point Man Ministries, see link below.

"You do not beat PTSD, you live with it, you cope the best you possibly can with it, but you do not conquer it. You fight it continually so that it does not conquer you". - Bruce Pollard ( used with permission: see link to "It Really is OK to Talk About It" below)

Here Today

after all is said and done,
the man in silk was as much a true fighter,
my trouble is from shooting him in the back,
as he fled to his home.

Sent to me by Larry Young -(1st wing mt/ zulu co 1st marines)

(used with permission)

Where To Get Information On PTSD (more below)

General Rating Formula for PTSD (On This Site)
Veteran's Benefits Guide - PTSD
Police PTSD and DSM-IV
Learn More About PTSD
For My Australian Mates - NCPTSD Homepage
Issues In Forensic Psychology-P.T.S.D.
When Is A PTSD Claim Legitimate
Operation Family - Family and Friends of American PTSD Veterans
The Etiology of Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress
How The V.A. decides ratings: Code of Fed. Reg.(1998)(1999 not yet online),Veteran's Relief
National Archives/ code of Federal Regulations - main page
Point Man International Ministries
Kevin Hale's - Living With PTSD
VSO's-Veteran's Service Offices -If You Need Help Go Here
About Medications For Combat PTSD
If you are thinking about Suicide....Read This First
Mike Myers' - Pointman 173rd - Shield 117 and 179
Yahoo club - Combat Vets With PTSD _READ THE MESSAGES! VERY HELPFUL!
Gift From Within - PTSD Resources for Survivors and Caregivers
Aftermath of war coping with PTSD too


For Women Only -PTSD e group
PTSD and The Family
About Me
What Is PTSD?
PTSD and the Holidays (and anniversaries)
For The Families of PTSD Vets
US Army Field Manual on PTSD

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