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Activities to do with your Toddler

Activities you will find here include:

Glitter Sparkle Bottle

Using a clean and clear soda bottle with the label removed, pour 1/4 cup of corn syrup into it, add food colouring and some glitter. Hot glue the lid onto the bottle. They'll have a great time swirling and shaking the bottle.

Summer Painting with Water

On a hot day, grab some large paintbrushes and a pail of water and let your toddler "paint" the sidewalk, the car, ANYTHING!!!

Colour Day

Pick a colour theme for the day. Wear clothes in that colour, eat some food that colour, do some arts and crafts using that colour. Don't forget to go for a walk and look for anything that colour!!! Flowers, houses, street signs, etc. They'll have a great time learning their colours this way!!!

Bubble Fun

Grab the bubble mixture, a large piece of white paper and some food colouring and head outside. Pour the bubble mixture into several shallow pans and add the food colouring to the different pans. Blow bubbles onto the paper and watch the colour designs appear!!

Wheelbarrel Planter

Let your little one decorate a laundry detergent scoop, add buttons for wheels, etc to turn it into a wheelbarrel. Fill it with dirt and plant some seeds in it. Make sure they remember to water it and watch it grow!

Ice Cube Melt

On a hot day, give your child some ice cubes and tell him to hide them in different places outside. Check them and see which ones melt the fastest, and explain why.

Name Game

Cut out squares with each letter of your child's name on a different square. Put them in order and then scramble them up and help them put it back together again. They learn to recongnize different letters as well as practice learning to spell their name.

Marble Painting

Dip marbles into different colours of paint and put them inside a gift box. Let your child roll them around to make different patterns with the paint.

Rice Instruments

Paint and decorate the backs of two paper plates and then put rice inside and staple the plates together. They now have a fun new musical instrument.

Nature Walk

Encourage them to collect things that they see along the way, leaves, rocks, etc. When they get home they can either glue them onto paper making a collage or put it in a decorated shoe box that's been turned into their "treasure box".

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