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Useful Tips

Avoid using a toybox that just keeps toys out of sight and ignored. Try storing them on a shelf organized in baskets. I use peach baskets. I always end up with lots of them at the end of the summer and instead of throwing them away we organize different toys in them. It's so handy and with the handles on them, my son loves carrying them with him. Also, he knows just what he wants to play with and not every toy in the house ends up on the floor.
Draining all my son's bath toys was a real chore until I found that a plastic basket with lots of holes in it works great. Now I can throw all the toys in the basket right away and the holes do the draining for me!!!
Stick a dryer sheet in the diaper pail to get rid of any unwelcome odours or try one in the storage containers that you keep your child's outgrown clothing in to keep it fresh!!!
Save those underarm deodorant roll on sticks!!! The kind with that rolling ball. When it's done, wash it all out and believe it or not, they are great for toddlers to use for painting!!! Fill it up with their favorite paint and it just rolls onto the paper, no drips, no mess!!!
My son loves looking at the hundred thousand photos we have of him. He is so rough with the photo albums but loves to see them. I finally went and bought a small photo album just for him and put the doubles and leftover photos in it. He carries it everywhere and loves to point out himself and the dogs and I don't have to worry about him being rough with it.

If you have any suggestions that I could add here, PLEASE feel free to email your tips!!!

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