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The Imperial Crest of the House of Solomon

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  • The Imperial Crest of the House of Solomon
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  • Empress Zewditu, Queen of Kings
  • Amha Selassie I,Emperor-in-Exile (Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen)
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  • Emperor Susneyous the Catholic (Siltan Seged)
  • The Imperial Family Today
  • Emperor Yacob
  • Emperor Yekonu Amlak
  • History of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Homepage
  • Coronation Traditions in Imperial Ethiopia
  • The Crest is the Official Coat of Arms and Seal of the Ethiopian Monarchy, and is displayed on this website with the gracious permission of the Ethiopian Crown Council. The arms display the Throne of Solomon, supported by two angels. The angel to the right of the throne bears the Sword of State, and Scales of Justice, symbolizing the role of the Emperor as Supreme Soldier and Supreme Judge. The Angel to the left of the throne bears the Imperial Scepter, symbolizing the sovreignity of the monarch. The Lion of Judah stands before the throne, and the arms are draped under an Imperial Red canopy, surmounted by the Imperial Crown. Below the Lion of Judah appear the words "Moa Anbassa Ze Imnegede Yehuda", translating to "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah". Omited from this version of the Crest,is the banner at the base of the arms reading "Ityopia Tabetseh Idewiha Habe Igziabiher", which is a quote from the Psalms of David in the ancient Ge-ez language of Ethiopia, and translates to "Ethiopia Stretches Her Hands unto God", which served as the official Motto in the Imperial Era.

    The Imperial Crest of the House of Solomon

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