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The Engine Links Patch
Welcome to the Engine Links Patch. I created this page as a resource for those interested
in the preservation and restoration of antique engines, tractors and other old iron.
See the web sites of the members of the Stationary Engine List. There is also and area devoted to Serial Number Lists and Registries.
Interested in clubs? Check out the Clubs and Historical Sites.
Not sure where to go for help? Check out our Restoration Sources and Information. There is alsoa list of Other Great Sites worth checking out. Some of these sites belong to friends or are
just useful sites I found.
Recently, I have added an URL where you can go and view the Stolen Engine Log and maybe help recover some stolen iron.I will continue to update this site as often as necessary with the hope that it will become a prime source of information for everyone and as a tribute to my
old iron friends on the internet.
Feel smart today? Check out he Mystery Engine site and see if you can help someone figure out what they have.
March 12, 2002

Check out this years annual Antique Tractor Internet Service Charity Auction
Members donate stuff for sale and the proceeds all go to charity!
Check it out here!

The Stationary Engine List Members Home Pages

The listing below is a list of the home pages belonging to the members of the Stationary Engine List. If you are on the list and have somehow been omitted, please E-mail me and let me know your site information.

See the Rogues Gallery of the Stationary Engine List members!

See the Introduction Page of the Stationary Engine List members!

Members Home Pages

Richard  Adamek
3 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, and numerous stationary steam engines

 Joe Affayroux

Home of the "Old Iron Webring"
 Jeff Allen
2 1/2 HP Novo, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP LA International, 10 HP Wisconsin,
1 1/2 HP Massey Harris, 1 1/2 HP International 'M', 2 HP Fairbanks Morse ZD,
2 1/2 HP Clinton, 5/8 HP Iron Horse, 2 1/2 Reo, 3.3 HP Scott-Atwater "kicker"
and McCulloch chain saw

 Pete and Ruth Alleman
 SIAM -- Southern Indiana's Antique & Machinery Club Show 1999,
   Coolspring 1999, Wooden Boat Festival 1999, Rogue's Gallery
 of the Stationary Engine LIst Members
 Caille, 4 HP Lockwood Ash, 2 HP Nadler, 8 HP Lockwood Ash,
6 HP Lockwood Ash, Muncie oil engine, 55 HP Muncie oil engine,
Ottawa log saw, IHC Famous marine conversion, 12 HP Fairbanks Morse "N",
6 HP Fairbanks "ZC", 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse "Z", 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks
Morse "dishpan", 12 HP Ottawa, 30 HP St Mary's, 1 3/4 HP Gilson,
Eagle marine, IHC "LB", Regal marine, Sandow, 1 1/2 HP Perkins,
Standard Separator, 3 1/2 HP Jaeger, 1 1/2 HP McCormick Deering "M",
Stover "CT", Vestergaard Brothers "VB10",

 John Ambler
Ruston Hornsby 'AP' 4BHP, Wolseley 'WD2',

 Cecil Apple
 John Deere, 1/2 HP Stewart 'Little Major', 8 HP Witte,  1 HP Stover,
5 HP Economy, 1 1/2 HP IHC M, 1/2 HP Ideal and 1/2 HP Stover Duro

 Chuck Balyeat
2 HP Merkel Motorwheel, FM type B 5 Hp, (3) Monitor 1 1/4 hp Vj's,
Samsco (Nelson) 1 1/2 Hp spoked hit n miss, Sattley ( Nelson) 1 1/2 Hp Disc Wheels throttle,
Universal  8 Hp  vertical (Stationary Fisherman) 4 stroke, United 3 hp 1912 Hit n miss,
1910 Ferro 3 Hp Special marine , IHC LA 1 1/2 Hp  (1early and 1 late model),
2 Maytag  singles, 1910 Wright 1 Hp Marine Engine, IHC M 1 1/2  ignitor,JD E 1 1/2    ignitor,
Wright Saw (reciprocating "chain saw" ), late teens Shaw Motorbike Engine,
Evinrude Elto Ace 1.5 Hp drink mixer, 1921 Evinrude 3 hp twin, 1917 Reid 15 HP ,
10 Hp bessemer half breed, Paki- KyKo hot air fan, 3 HP IHC vertical Famous # LA167 ,  Robertsonville 5 hp, 1 3/4 Hp asociated, Briggs Model F or FH slant fin (not really sure),
Stover 501 3/4 Hp vertical aircoold (Nelson Brothers),1953 Harley 45, 1962 Cushman Eagle

 Kevin Bandy
 1 1/2 HP Rockford, 3 HP Witte

 Stephen Barr
Farm and construction models and toys. Taylor Vacum Engine
2 HP Challenge, 5 HP Economy, 2 HP Fuller and Johnson "ND", 1 1/2 HP IHC "M",
1 1/2 HP John Deere, 3 HP IHC "M", 2 1/2 HP Rock Island, 2 HP Witte,
1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson.

 Scott Bernier
Austrailian Engines: Villiers Midget, Villiers Mark 12, Villiers Mark 10,  Ronaldson Tippet
Type 'N',  Briggs and Stratton Generator, Victa. Jap, Lister, Wing Pilot,

 Don Bowen

 John Brantingham
 Emerson Brantingham engines and history

 Ted and Lisa Brooker (Web site temorarily unavailable)
 1 HP IHC 'Titan', 1 1/4 HP Galloway 'Handy Andy', 1 HP IHC 'Titan Jr.',
 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 40 HP Bovaird and Seyfang, 2 HP Stover,
 1 1/2 HP Jaeger, 2 1/4 HP Associated 'Hired Man', Standard, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z',
 1 HP IHC 'Tom Thumb', 1 3/4 HP Associated 'Chore Boy', 1 1/2 HP Gray, 5 HP Ottawa,
 1 1/2 HP Ideal, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, 1 HP Ideal, 2 HP Ottawa, Taylor Vacuum,
 Maytag, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson.

 Ted Brookover
2 HP IHC Famous, 2 HP Rock Island, 1 1/2 HP Sattley, 1 1/2 John
Deere, 1 HP Ideal, 5 HP Collis, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 HP Rock Island,
2 HP Jacobson, 1 HP IHC Mogul Jr., 1 1/2 HP United, 2 HP Sparta
Economy, 2 HP Stover CT, 1 1/2 HP Jaeger, 4 HP Cushman C, 1 HP IHC
Titan Jr., Briggs and Stratton FH, 1 1/4 HP Galloway Handy Andy, Maytag
Multi-Motor,4 HP Associated Four Mule Team, 1 3/4 HP Gilson, 1 1/2 HP
IHC 'M', 2 1/2 HP Associated Hired Man, 2 HP Dempster
2 1/2 HP Industrial Iron Works, 3 HP Industrial Iron Works,
5 HP Industrial Iron Works, 16 HP Industrial Iron Works,
20 HP Industrial Iron Works, 7 Hp Industrial Iron Works
Barker, Mckay 'Sunshine',
Ronaldson Tippit, 4.5 HP Bradford, Crossley, 6 HP Hornsby,
Barlow, H V McKay
2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', Domestic side shaft,
1 1/2 HP Olds, Challenge 'Hourglass hopper', 1 HP IHC 'Famous',
Domestic side shaft mudpump, Olds air cooled, 1 3/4 HP Stickney,
5 HP Galloway, Union 'Giant', Emerson Brantingham, Galloway and John Deere,
Waterloo 'air cooled',2 HP IHC 'Famous',2 1/2 HP Industrial Iron Works,
2 HP Domestic, 2 HP John Lauson, IHC 'Mogul Jr.', 1 HP Brownwall,
Plunket Jr., Aermotor 'fluted hopper', Temple 'Master Workman',
12 HP Witte side shaft
10 HP Ronaldson and Tippett 'Austral', 2 HP Weber, 4 HP Buzacott,
Fuller and Johnson 'NA', Fuller and Johnson 'NB', 2 HP Christensen
Austral, Clayton and Shuttleworth, 75 HP National, 10 inch Ericsson,
James Martin, Monitor copy?, Roseberry pumper, Termaat and Monahan.
Richmond Standard, Miller sideshaft, Frisco standard, San Francisco Hercules,
1 HP Springfield model, Scotch Yoke steam engine, Gardner type 'O', Robinson,
Crossley sideshaft, 6 HP New Way, Ruston Hornsby, Crossley Bros., 5 HP Hornsby Akroid,
Messinger, Caldwell, White and Middleton side shaft, Columbus side shaft, Doak side shaft,
Rumsey air cooled, Hagan, Independent Harvester side shaft, Olds Gearless, Regan Vapor
engine, 12 - 14 HP Petter, 1 HP Hoosier, 2 HP Vaughn, 3 HP Geiser, 3 HP Perkins, 6 HP Alamo,
2 HP Rumsey side shaft air cooled, Aermotor sausage hopper, 1 HP Bluffton, Canada Producer
and Gas Engine, 2 1/2 HP Cook side shaft, 3 HP Domestic sideshaft, hopper cooled Domestic,
2 HP Field Brundage, Fuller and Johnson, Gemmer, Perkins side shaft, Cavanaugh and Darley
'Little Giant', Olds '5A', Perkins vertical side shaft, Root and Vandervoort sideshaft, Samson,
Temple Pump, United States (inverted), Webster Improved Gas Engine (inverted), Rumsey side shaft.

 Charles Brush
Electrical Fun!!

 Kevin Bandy
 1912  1 1/2 HP Rockford

 Jay Bernard

 Bernie Carter
Gilson 'Wizard', Stover 'CT-3', Novo 4 cylinder, IHC 'M'

 Carl Casdorph

 Leroy Clark
3 HP Challenge, 1 1/2 HP Middletown 'Woodpecker', 1 HP IHC 'Titan,
1 HP Root and Vandervoort, 4 HP Root and Vandervoort
Ideal, Fuller and Johnson, 2 HP Rock Island, 1 3/4 HP Galloway,
3 HP Fuller and Johnson, 4 HP Leader, Kermath, IHC M

Timothy Claremont

Ken Christison
Engine picture Mega List, restored mills, shows, Ephemera Page
6 HP IHC 'Famous', Ellis, 2 HP Reeves, Maytag 'Multi Motor', 5 HP Economy,
Lambert, 7 HP Galloway, 2 1/4 HP Galloway.
Reo, O and R, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 35 HP Bessemer.
12 HP IHC 'Famous', 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'dishpan', 3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'ZC',
1 3/4 HP Hercules 'S', 1/2 HP Page, 1/2 HP Duro, 4 HP Waterloo Boy, 7 HP Kootz and
Stroehman, 1 HP Brownwall, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul Jr.', 1 HP Union Giant, 1 1/2 HP Ideal,
2 1/2 HP New Way, 5 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Cushman 'Cub'.
2 HP National, IHC 'Mogul', 6 HP Kenwood, Bates and Edmunds 'Bullbup',
2 HP Bullseye, Ingeco, 1 1/2 HP Alamo, 1 HP Alamo, 1 1/2 HP Rawleigh,
1 HP Stover, Lancaster, Ward, Falk, Foos, 6 HP Columbus, Otto, Hamilton,
Hercules, 15 HP Fairbanks Morse, 8 HP Witte, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, 2 1/2 HP
IHC 'Titan', Jaeger.
IHC Mogul, 5 HP Witte, Geiser, Emerson Brantingham, 4 HP Cushman, 3 HP Detroit,
1 3/4 HP Associated 'Chore Boy', Geiser, 8 HP IHC 'Famous', 3 HP Simplicity,
25 HP Reid, 8 HP Witte, 8 HP Worthington, 4 HP McVickers gearless.
2 HP Reeves, 80 HP Fairbanks Morse '32', 1 1/2 HP Alamo, 4 HP Associated,
6 HP IHC 'Famous', Aermotor, 7 HP Fuller and Johnson, Advance, 3 HP Gilson, Bluffton,
1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, Edwards, 3 HP Field Brundage, 2 HP Witte,
2 1/2 HP Ideal, 5 HP Milwaukee, Majestic, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 3/4 HP Sattley,
3 HP Witte, 5 HP Palmer, 15 HP 'Famous, 1 HP Rock Island.
1/2 HP New Holland, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', 4 HP White lily, 1 HP New Way,
4 1/2 HP Jacobson, Associated 'Busy Bee', 6 HP IHC 'Mogul', 1 - 3 HP Ellis, 1 1/2 HP Lister 'D',
6 HP New Way, 8 HP New Way twin, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, 10 HP Evans, 7 HP Galloway,
1 HP IHC Famous, 10 HP Acadia, 4 HP IHC 'Famous', Empire.
1/2 HP New Holland, 1 3/4 HP Nelson Bros 'Little Junmbo', 1 1/2 HP New Way, Mietz and Weiss,
5 HP IHC vertical, 1 1/2 HP Emerson Brantingham, 1 1/4 HP Monitor, 4 1/2 HP Olds,
3 HP IHC 'M', 10 HP Stickney.
3 HP Gilson, Smith 'Great Western', 1 1/2 HP Mallalieu and Conrey, 2 1/2 HP Leader,
1 1/2 HP Sandwich, 12 1/2 HP Bessemer, 1 1/2 HP Buckeye, 5 HP New Holland,
3 HP Massey Harris type '2', 1 1/2 HP Middleditch, 2 HP Faultless, 6 HP Faultless,
16 HP Geiser, 8 HP Bessemer.
5 HP Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP Bulldog, 7 HP Fuller and Johnson, 3/4 HP Nelson Bros.,
1 HP IHC 'Famous', 1 1/2 HP Nelson Bros. 'Little Jumbo', 3 HP IHC 'Famous',
2 1/2 HP Waterloo Boy, 4 HP IHC 'Titan'.
3 HP Massey Harris 'type 2', Ideal 'V', 3 HP IHC 'E', 1 HP IHC 'Famous', 1 1/2 HP Lauson,
6 HP Associated, Jackrabbit, 9 HP Alamo, 1 HP Stover, 5 HP Fuller and Johnson.
5 HP Economy, 2 HP Jaeger, 1 3/4 HP Nelson Bros. 'Little Jumbo', Johnson 'Utilimotor',
1 3/4 HP Fuller and Johnson.
Aermotor, 2 1/2 HP Aermotor, 5 HP Aermotor, 2 HP Domestic, 2 HP National Engineering,
20 HP IHC horizontal, 15 HP Otto, 5 HP Desjardins, 1 HP Worthington, Bamford, Empire,
Peerless, Economy 'tank cooled', 4 HP IHC 'Famous', 3 HP IHC 'Famous'.

 Dallas Cox  Currently Not Available
5 HP Ottawa, 2 1/2 HP United, 3 HP Worthington, 1 1/2 Sattley, Famous, Bulldog,
Massey Harris, Ottawa, 9 HP Galloway, 12 HP Hercules, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul',
2 1/2 HP Bamford, 6 HP Woodpecker, 10 HP Root and Vandervoort
Lauson-Lawton, 6 HP Christensen

 Roland Craven
8 HP Lister 'G2', Lister 'A', Lister 'B', Lister 'B', Lister 'D', Lister 'DK',
Lister 'LD1', Lister 'CS', Lister 'L'.
Petter 'M', 8.75 HP Petter 'S'.
Bamford 'EV',
Norman 'T300 MK1', Wolseley 'WD1', Wolseley 'WD2', Wolseley 'WD8',
Ruston 'PT', Stuart-Turner 'R3MC', Stuart-Turner 'P5M', Wisconsin/Jaeger pump,
Wisconsin 'AK'.
Blackstone 'DB', Fuller and Johnson, Gardner '1', Ideal, IHC 'M',
National, Wonder.
Petter 'A', Petter 'Handyman', Welsh Powell, Ruston 'VTH',
4 HP Stuart-Turner 'P5M', Victoria.
Lion, Onan twin, Ruston 'AP', United, Wade dragsaw.
Bamford 'SD', Amanco (Bradford), United, Brownwall, Economy,
Fairbanks Morse 'Eclipse', Monitor.
6 HP Bamford, Crossley, Douglas 'SV54', Coborn, Lister 'CS6/1',
Detroit, Ruston 'PB 1 1/2', Lister 'AK', Associated 'Hired Man', Fielding and Platt,
Bamford 'EV'.
Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', Fairbanks Morse 'Z',
IHC 'Famous', Lister 'Junior', Olds model, Pelapone twin, Stover 'KE',
Coventry 'Victor' twin, Ransome's 'Wizard', 5 HP Petter 'S'.
Petter 'AVA2', 3 cylinder Petter 'VJ', Fairbanks Morse 'dishpan', Lister 'J', Lister 'X',
Norman 'T300 MK1', Novo 'S', 5 HP Petter 'S'.
Avon/Witte dragsaw, Bentall 'Pioneer',
Brownwall, Coventry 'Victor' marine, Lorenz, 8 HP Petter, Ruston 'AP', Villiers 'Midget'.
Brit Marine, Gardner, Hamworthy, Coventry-Victor 'Vixen', Wolseley 'WLB', Tangye 'AV'.
Lister 'ABL', 2.5 HP Petter 'M', Moteur Aster, Blackstone, Crossley '1050', Villiers 'MK20
Wolseley 'WLB8', Villiers 'D415', Ruston Hornsby 'AP6', Lister 'D', Browett Coborn,
Hornsby pumping engine, Ingeco, 6 HP Lister 'L', 2.5 HP Ruston 'PB', 5 HP Petter, Stockport,
2 HP Taylor Vacuum, 2.5 HP Bamford 'Tulip Top', Lister 'M'.
Amanco 'K', Bradford, Cushman'cub', JAP water cooled, Lister 'A', National Gas 'F',
Nelson Bros, Ruston 'XHR', Villiers 'WX', Ruston 'ZPR'.
6 HP Lion, 3 HP Bamford, 8 HP Blackstone, 5 HP Blackstone, 1 1/2 HPCrossley, Lister DK,
5 HP Hornsby, 5 HP Petter 'M', 3 HP Petter 'M', Lister type 'L', Tangye.
20 HP Lister type 'X',
Petter genset, 4 HP Emerson Brantingham, 9 HP Hercules, Wilton, Smart and Brown genset
Lister 'VA', 9 HP Bamford, 5 HP Petter.

David Croft
Danish Engines, Vintage Bycycles, Hot Air Engines

John Cullom
7 HP Galloway sawrig, 1 3/4 HP Galloway air cooled, 5 HP Galloway, 2 1/4 HP
Galloway, 1 1/4 HP Galloway 'Handy Andy',

 John Culp
30 HP Cooper-Bessemer,  Otto/Crossley,  Geiser, Angola,
  Backus,  Witte, 20 HP Superior, 10 HP Evans, 7 HP Galloway,
 IHC 'M',  15 HP Evans,  Fairbanks-Morse, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks,
 Wolseley,  Cushman,   Foos,  Fairbanks-Morse 'Jack of all Trades"
 Dunning,  Woodpecker,   New Way, Maytag '92',
 Associated,  Bates and Edmonds,  Weber,  IHC 'Mogul',
70 HP Bessemer, 8 HP Westinghouse, 12 HP Reid,  Schleicher-Schumm ,
 Otto,  Wisconsin, Fuller and Johnson,  Sterling hot air engine,

 Frank DeWitt Light Plant Page
.5 KVA Kohler,  .8 KVA Fairbanks Morse, 750 Watt Fairbanks Morse,
1500 Watt Faribanks Morse, 850 Watt Delco, 800 Watt Genco,
Dr Delco collection,

Toby Dicks
 Fuller and Johnson,  Monarch,  Maynard, 1 1/2 HP Economy,
6 HP Galloway, ? HP IHC 'M', 15 HP Olin, ? HP Economy's, ? HP Parsell and
Weed,  Maytag Twin, Abenaque, Triangle Drive steam model, Weed

Bill Dickerson

2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP IHC 'M', 2 HP Chapman, 10 HP Chapman,
7 HP Chapman, Maytag Twin long frame, 3 HP Blackstone, Crossley, Lister 'B',
Monarch, 1 1/2 HP Petter, Woseley, Ruston, Pioneer, Large Ruston, Enfield,
3 HP Ransomes, Alamo, Lindsay Alamo, Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP IHC 'M',
Fairbanks Morse, Foos, Lennox, New Holland, Olin, One Minute

 Duncan and Sandy Denman
 The Engine Patch
1 3/4 HP Gilson, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 IHC LB, 1 3/4 HP Ontario Wind Engine and Pump,
1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP London, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse,
6 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 HP Massey Harris
 Canadian Show Pictures
 Acadia, Gilson Wizard, Gould Shapley and Muir 'Ideal', 5 HP Milwaukee,
 Gray, National, Renfrew, 4 HP IHC 'Mogul', IHC 'Titan', Fairbanks Co.,
 Fairbanks Morse 'T', CH&E, London, White Lily, 6 HP Le Napolean,
 15 HP Fairbanks Morse, 25 HP Simplex, Connor, Monarch, 3 HP Ruston Hornsby,
 20 HP Ruston Hornsby, 1 1/2 HP United, 5 HP Empire, 2 HP Timothy Eaton, Lister
 Sandwich, 50 HP Fairbanks Morse, Blackstone Diesel, 500 HP Ruston Hornsby

 Jim Dunmyer
? HP Cooper-Bessemer
16 HP Jones, 30 HP Cooper Bessemer, Maytag, John Deere
12 HP Jones, 4 HP Domestic
250 HP Guiberson Radial Diesel (shotgun start),
20 HP Fairbanks Morse 2 cylinder diesel, 10 HP Stickney
Woodpecker, New Holland, Jones
1 HP Scott and Ewing, 3 HP IHC 'Famous', 15 HP Jones,
Spang, Reid, Economy, Kohler light plant
IHC 'M', New Holland

 Paul Evans
52 HP Ruston-Hornsby, 34 HP Ruston-Hornsby, 108 HP Allen 4 cylinder,
27.5 HP Petters, 21 HP Petters, 5 HP Petters, 100 HP Petter, 85 HP Hornsby,
4 HP Lister, 5 HP Lister, Atlantic 4 cylinder,  Crossley, 1.5 HP, Ruston Hornsby,
5 HP Ruston-Hornsby VIDEO CLIPS, 5 HP Petter 'S', 130 HP Vickers-Petter,
4 HP Lister 'L', 2 HP Lister 'F'

 David Ernst
1 1/2 HP Associated, IHC "LA", 6 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Economy,
2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 HP Witte, Taylor,

 An entertaining page with a little of everything.

 Arnie Fero

 Jim Fisk
1 1/2 HP McCormick Deering 'M', 6 HP McCormick Deering 'M'

 Jeremy and Jamie Flea
 Old cars and antique tractors

 Peter Forbes
Large amount of Lister info.  Pictures not available yet.

Andy French
1.5 - 2 Ruston Hornsby " PB 6", 1.5 HP Ruston Hornsby "PT"
3 HP Ruston Hornsby "PB 8"

 Jim French
1.5 HP Villiers 'X11', 1.5 HP Wolseley 'WD2', 1.5 HP Lister 'D', 2 HP Petter 'M',
Petter Atomic,  1.5 - 2 Ruston Hornsby 'PB 6', 1.5 HP Ruston Hornsby 'PT'
3 HP Ruston Hornsby 'PB 8', Fairbanks Morse "Eclipse"

Ray Gardner
1 HP Gray, 1 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse,
1 1/2 HP John Deere, 1 1/2 HPOlds, 2 HP Bullseye, 2 HP Cushman,
2 HP Hercules, 3 HP Simplicity, 4 HP Fairbanks Morse,
5 HP Hercules, 6 HP Foos Jr., 7 HP Bohon, 7 HP Simplicity,
7 HP Sta Rite, 9 HP Economy, 10 HP Doak, 10 HP Witte, 15 HP Samson,
16 HP Western, 1 HP Stover, 4 HP IHC, 6 HP Stover, 7 HP Economy,
7 HP Holland, 7 HP Stickney, 8 HP Foos Jr., 9 HP Thermoil

 Steve Gray
1/2 HP Elgin 'Haf a Hors', 4 HP Fairmont, 3/4 HP Maytag 92 and 72, 1 1/2 HP
Waterloo Boy, 1 3/4 HP Associated 'Chore Boy', 2 1/2 HP Empire, 2 1/2 HP
Jaeger, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 2 HP Novo, 2 HP Root and Vandervoort, 6 HP
Fairbanks Morse, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse,
1 1/2 HP McCormick Deering 'M', 3 1/2 HP Ottawa, Petter 3HP 'M'
 Stover 6 HP 'KC', Fairbank 'ZD', Lister 4 HP Aircooled 'SL'
 Model Rider-Ericsson, 1 HP Aermotor, 1/8 - 1/4 HP Rider Ericsson, 3 HP Lister,
10 HP Lister, Model Olds,  5 HP Kinner 'Busy Bee', 15 HP Atlas Scraper Co.,
1 HP Aermotor, 1/8 - 1/4 HP Rider Ericsson, 3 HP Lister, 10 HP Lister, Model
Olds,  5 HP Kinner 'Busy Bee', 15 HP Atlas Scraper Co.,

3 HP McCormick 'M', 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP John Deere,
3 HP John Deere, 6 HP Fairbanks Morse

Larry Hacker
Fairbanks Morse1920 3hp Z, Fairbanks Morse 1923 1 1/2hp Z "dishpan" throttling governor,
Fairbanks 2hp Z "dishpan" hit and miss, Fairbanks Morse 3hp Z style C,
Fairbanks Morse 6-7hp Z style C, 1 1/2hp Z style,1927 McCormick Deering Type M 10 HP
McCormick Deering1919  Type M 6 HP,  McCormick Deering  Type M 6 HP, McCormick Deering
Type M 3 HP, 1928 McCormick Deering Type M 1/2 HP, McCormick Deering1938 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP,
McCormick Deerign 1/2 HP LA , International 1946 1 1/2 - 2 1/2hp LB,
Ottawa 4 HP log saw engine, 1914? 6 HP Waterloo, New Idea No. 2 Vari-speed engine
1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP, Kohler 800 watt, Signal Corps, Delco light
 Unknown (1), Unknown (2), Unknown (3), Tractors

 John Hammink
 1 1/2, 3, and 6 HP IHC "M"s

 Aubrey Harrold
3 HP Hercules,  Massey-Cushman, McCormick Deering 'M', 1 1/2 - 2 1/2
IHC LB,  Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks, 3 - 5 HP IHC LB, 3 HP
John Deere, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 6 HP Fairbanks 'T',  Eatons (Waterloo)

 Ron Haskell
Onan generator, Allan Bros., "Dishpan" Fairbanks, Economy,
Jinma diesel, Jaeger, Kubota, Jacobv Haish "Chanticleer"
7 HP New Way, 3 HP Stover, 2 HP Fuller and Johnson,
3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 60 HP Fairbanks Morse, John Deere "LUS",
25 HP Western.

 George Hendry
Robinson Patent (hot air engine), 5 HP Lister 'B', 1.5 HP Lister 'D'

  Robert Hensarling
10 HP Fairbanks Morse 'N', 10 HP Krueger Atlas Junior, 22 HP Stover, 6 HP Krueger Atlas Junior,
New Way, 1 1/2 HP IHC 'M', 1 1/2 HP Stover, Cushman Cub, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z',
3 HP Hercules, 3 HP Stover, 4 HP Fairbanks Morse 'T', 4 HP Stover, 6 HP IHC 'M', 8 HP Stover,
1 1/2 HP Emerson Brantingham, 3 HP Fuller and Johnson, 4 HP Fairbanks Morse 'H', Gilson air cooled,
3 HP John Lawson 'Frost King', Kewanee pumper, 1 1/2 HP Termaat and Monahan, 3 HP Witte,
10 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 6 HP Stover 'YC', Aermotor heavy backgeared, Crossley, 165 HP Garrett turbine,
Otto slide valve, 6 HP Krueger Atlas, Otto vertical, 2 HP Havana 'Red and Ready', 12 HP Fairbanks Morse 'T',
3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'T', 270 HP Fairbanks Morse '33'.

 Don Heringhaus
Harley links

 Bob and Lori Halfco
 1900 8 hp 2 cylinder Meitz and Wiess Oil Engine,  4 H.P  Standard "Frisco Standard"

 Bo Hinch
 5 HP Galloway, Lister, 3 HP John Deere, 3 HP Monitor, others unidentified.

 Larry Holderman
7 HP Fuller and Johnson, 1 3/4 HP United, 1 HP IHC Mogul, 2 HP Sparta Economy,

 Curt Holland
 6 HP Abenaque, 5 HP Stickney, 8 HP IHC "Famous", 3 1/2 HP Jaeger,
 1 1/2 HP Hercules,

  Zain Horning
8 HP Associated, 1 3/4 HP Associated,   Deyo-Macey, 6 HP Economy, 2 1/2 HP
Stover,  Friend, 1 HP IHC Famous, 1 HP IHC Tom Thumb, 5 HP Majestic, 1 3/4
HP Nelson Bros., 1 3/4 HP Hercules, Fuller and Johnson pump engine, Maytag 92,
1 1/2 HP Sta-Rite, 8 HP Seager Olds, 2 HP Domestic, 10 HP Fairbanks
Morse, 1 1/2 HP Raweigh,  Coldwell Cub

 Paul Hubner
 2 HP Abenaque, 2 HP Morrisville, 8 HP St. Albans, 4 HP St. Albans,
 6 HP Gray, 5 HP Gray, 6 HP Abenaque,

 Reg and Margaret Ingold
1912 Aermotor, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP New Way, 1 1/2 HP Alamo,
1/2 HP Barker, 2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 2 HP Challenge, 1 HP Fairbanks Morse
'Jack Jr', 1 1/2 HP Frost King, 2 HP Hercules, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 1 HP IHC 'Tom
Thumb', 1 HP IHC 'Titan', 1 1/2 HP New Way, 1 1/2 HP Ruston 'ZPR', 1 HP Stover 'V',
2 1/2 HP Sunshine 'Sunpep', 2 HP United

Orrin Iseminger

 Derek Johns
Robey & Co.

 Tod Johnson
 IHC "LBA", Lauson "RSC", Briggs and Stratton "Y", "WM", "WI",
 Alamo (Duplex Superior), Maytag "92", Maytag "72"

   Nelson Johnsrud
3 HP Hercules, Briggs and Stratton 'FI', Briggs and Stratton 'WM', Briggs and
Stratton '5S', 5 HP Economy, ? Watt Delco light plant,1 1/2 HP Hercules,
5 HP Hercules

Chilton Show 1997
3 HP Hercules, Hercules E, 5 HP Gilson, Ironwood HS project, 5 HP Northwestern,
3 HP Ingeco, 2 HP Thompson Tiger, 1 1/2 HP Lauson, 6 HP Lauson, 18 HP Lauson,
1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson, Nelson  Brothers "Little Jumbo", Sandow, Whitte dragsaw,
15 HP Reid, Stover lineup, 1/2 HP Stover "Duro"

 Chilton Show 1998
1, 1 1/2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 12, 14 HP Stover, 1 3/4 HP Banner, 7 1/2 HP Galloway
1 HP Lauson, 3 HP Lauson, 8 HP Lauson, 1 3/4 HP Sandow, 2 HP Simple,
Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP Gilson, 3 HP Lauson, 8 HP Lauson, 1 1/2 HP Sandwich

 Donald Jones
Various Rototillers, 1-1/2HP Idea Lawn
Mower, 4 Maytag singles, 1 Maytag Twin, 2 REO lawn mowers, 2 REO
engines, 3 Clinton 2-cycle engines, numerous types of machines powered
by Briggs or Clinton engines, 2 Hardie Sprayers w/Hercules engines, 2-3
Wisconsins, a nice 4-cylinder Hercules, Standards, Standard Monarch,
Standard Twins, Standard Walsh Garden Tractors, numerous other Garden
Tractors, and a 1898 #2 Syracuse Plow

   Joe Kelley
 Fairmont lawnmower, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Economy, 6 HP
Galloway, 4 HP Desjardins,  1 1/2 HP McCormick Deering 'M', 2 HP Sandwich,
2 1/2 HP Witte, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP IHC 'LA', Briggs and Stratton '6B' - 'FB',
Johnson/Iron Horse, Briggs and Stratton 'Y',  Briggs and Stratton 'WMB'

  Joey Kelley

  Tony Kimmell
Maytag single, 1 1/2 HP IHC 'M'

 Dan Kindlan

 Keith Kinney
 5 HP Hercules ‘EK’, 1 1/2 HP Hercules ‘E’, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, 12 HP Hercules ‘E’, 3 HP Hercules ‘E’,
 7 HP Hercules ‘EK’, 2 HP Hercules ‘H’, 6 HP Hercules ‘S’, 9 HP Economy ‘E’, 1 3/4 HP Economy ‘S’, Economy ‘D’, 1 3/4 HP Economy, 2 1/2 HP Economy, 7 HP Economy, 4 HP ‘Sparta’ Economy,
6 HP ‘Sparta’ Economy ‘CX’, 7 HP Jaeger, 3 HP REECO, 3 1/2 HP Jaeger, 2 1/2 HP Clarke, 3 HP Clarke, 12 HP Clarke, 4 cylinder Clarke, 7 HP Alamo, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse,
12 HP Russell steam engine

Steve/Daniel Kitto.
British Mark 10 Villiers, Australian made Mark 10, Delco,Colwood,
Ronaldson Tippett

  Mark Lail
 20hp Reid, 5hp New Way, 3hp Witte, 2.5hp Stover,
 2hp Witte headless, 2hp Novo, 1.5hp Fairbanks headless, and a heaping pile
 of Maytags! :-)

   Ken Lauderback
Royal City Railroad

Bob Learned / EDGETA
Briggs and Stratton models, A, F, FB, FH, FI, H, L, M, N, PB,
R, S, T, U, WM, WMI, WMG, WI, Y

  Patrick Livingston
  4 1/2 HPMassey Harris, 4 HP Buzacott, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks-Morse No.1 Eclipse,
  Ronaldson-Tippet Type N, 1 1/4 HP Little Monitor, Fuller and Johnson,
  6hp Austral by Ronaldson-Tippett, Boulton and Paul 110volt Lighting Plant
  2 HP Little Kangaroo Shearing Plant
 Massey Harris 'Type 2', Fairbanks Morse 'Z', International Harvester,
 Large Austral, Roseberry/Buzacott, Wolsley, Star, Gem, 3 HP Austral,
 Monitor copy, Metz and Weiss, Cooper and water pump.
 2 HP Cooper, 4 HP Buzacott, Buzacott vertical, Sundex, Hercules,
 Associated '6 Mule team', ruston Hornsby, Austral, Lister, 4 HP Caille,
 Challenge, Buzacott, Champion, Hornsby, Blackstone, IHC 'M',
 Ronaldson-Tippett 'N', Napier Deltic,
 Little Wonder, Cooper 'W', 6 HP Cooper, Austral, Bartram, Buzacott '2a',
 Buzacott '2b', Buzacott '4k', Caille, Champion, Chandler, Crossley, FM Eclipse '#1',
 Massey Harris type 2, Moffat 'Virtue', Olds, Sundial 'Victor, 4 HP Sundial,
 Fuller and Johnson pumper, Southern Cross pumper, Galloway, Hornsby, Lister,
 2 HP Sundial 'B', Sunshine, Sundex, Tangye, Waterloo Boy,

 Art Lora
 3 HP Brownwall, 3 HP Bullseye, 1 1/2 HP Woodpecker, 3 HP IHC 'M',

 Peter Lowe
 Maytag "72", Maytag "92", 2 HP Moffat Virtue, 3 HP Ronaldson Bros & Tippett "Austral",
 3 HP Moffat Virtue "V3", Stewart Turner, 2 1/2 HP Wolseley "R",
 2 HP Root & Van Dervoort Triumph, 3 HP IHC "M".

 Nick Lozzi
 Great Fuller and Johnson page!
 3 HP Fuller and Johnson 'K', 6 HP Fuller and Johnson 'N', 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson 'N',
 4 HP Buzacott '4K', 2 HP Buzacott '2B', Big 4 pumper, 1 1/2 HP Saxon, 2 HP Witte,
 1 1/2 HP Leader Domestic, 4 HP Sparta Economy, 2 1/2 HP Leader,
 Fuller and Johnson Farm pumper,

   Gary Lund
Fairbanks Morse type 'H' light plants, Delco 850 Watt light plant, Swan Lite
light plant, 4 HP Root and Vandervoort, 5 HP Economy, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP

  Bill and Jean Manney
StoverKE 1 1/2, Witte 2hp, Briggs WMB X 2, Briggs FH X, Maytag X
Running Models, 5hp Economy, Erickson Hot Air, Flame Eater, Stirling Glass Cylinder,
Stirling Fan, Stirling Twin, Steam Walking Beam,Steam 6 Cyl with only 5 moving parts,
plus numerous others + Jungue

  Craig Martin
  2hp stover, 1.5hp John Deere,1.5 hp Hercules (coming soon)

  Jerry Mac Martin
2 HP Witte, 3 HP Witte, 4 HP Witte, 3 Hp Flying Dutchman, 60 HP Western,
22 HP Fairbanks Morse,

  Harry Matthews
5 HP Witte, 6 HP Gray Marine, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 HP Jaeger,
2 1/2 HP Associated, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 3 HP Novo, ? HP
De Laval Alpha, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 15 HP Fairbanks
Morse 'YH', 4 HP IHC Famous, 2 HP IHC Titan, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks
Morse Dishpan, 2 1/4 HP Associated Hired Man, Cretors Popcorn
steam engine, Empire, Jensen, and Weeden toy steam engines,

ShowsCanandaigua : New Way, Rumsey,
INVERARY:  Gilson,  Massey Harris, 1 1/2 HP, 3 HP, and 5 HP IHC verticals,
15 HP Bessemer, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, Taylor Vacuum,
ALEXANDER: IHC 'M', Cooper-Bessemer, 20 HP Bovaird and Seyfang,
Fairbanks Morse, large Bessemer, 4 HP IHC 'Mogul',
CONSTABLEVILLE: 2 1/2 HP Associated 'Iowa Oversized'
COOLSPRING Fall: 60 HP Flickinger, Fairbanks Morse 47, New Way,
COOLSPRING summer: Domestic mud pump, Lauson Lawton, IHC Mogul,
Pierce inverted, 15 HP Columbus,  Crossley,
WILLIAMSTOWN: Aermotor, Lauson, Domestic,New Idea, Fuller and Johnson,
Novo,  WAPAKONETA: 5 HP New Holland, 15 HP Reid,
DALTON:  22 HP Witte, 2 HP IHC Famous, 20 HP Fairbanks Morse,
20 HP IHC Famous,  ELY: Bessemer, Muncie Oil Engine, 7 HP air cooled,
DUBLIN: Fairbanks Morse Diesel,  Alpha DeLeval,
WINDSOR: 40 HP Clark Steam engine,
BRADENTON: 32 HP Fairbanks Morse,
FLORIDA FLYWHEELER'S: 150 HP Fairbanks Morse 'YV', Gibbs pump engine,
12 HP Hercules, 2 HP Great Western,  Associated, with hacksaw
SUWANNEE: Jaeger, 6 HP Fairbanks Morse,  New Holland, Sandow Lines,
2 1/2 HP Gray,
FL. ANTIQUE POWER: Fairbanks Morse 'Y', Witte Diesel, Cook Motor Co, Novo,
PIONEER PARK: Superior, Ericsson Hot Air engine, Christensen, Woodpecker,
IHC Famous HC,  IHC Famous Vertical,  IHC Victor,  Monarch, Maytag twin,
Domestic Hoist, 6 HP IHC Titan, 1 HP IHC Mogul Jr., Maytag vertical,
Fruit Jar Maytag,
KORESHAN: Fairbanks Diesel, 1 1/4 HP Galloway 'Handy Andy', IHC Tom Thumb,
FILER: 60 HP Fairbanks Morse, 6 HP Gade, 12 HP Fairbanks Morse 'T',
6 HP IHC 'M', 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 6 HP IHC 'Mogul', 3 HP Stickney, 7 HP Sultan,
4 HP Myrick Eclipse, 9 HP Galloway, 6 HP Witte, Waterloo Boy,
RIDGEFIELD: Fairbanks Morse 'Y' 3 cylinder, 50 HP Foos,
Ames Iron Works (steam), 10 HP Boyer 2 cylinder, 1 3/4 HP Galloway,
1 3/4 HP Stickney

  Ron Mattson
 Lindsay Alamo,  Gray Marine, Middletown "Woodpecker", Ellsworth

 Jerry Mac Martin
 2 HP Witte, 3 HP Witte, 4 HP Witte, 3 HP Flying Dutchman,
 Antique spark plug collector

  Wallace McPeak
35 HP Superior, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson,  Desjardins, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks
Morse 'Eclipse', 2 1/2 HP Associated, 12 HP Galloway, 8 HP Sta-Rite,  Ideal,
9 HP Robersonville

 Bill Miller
 Maytag 92

 Rick Monk
 Charter gas engine, Fairbanks Morse diesel, 5 HP Majestic, 8 HP IHC "Famous",
 2 HP Novo "S", Novo Rollr "TU", Novo Rollr "FU", Novo "AG" pump outfit

 Terry Moore
2 HP Witte, Maytag twin, Maytag single

 Kerry Morris
 Austrailian Engines
 Sunshine 5 HP Type B, Sundial 4 HP Type A, Sundial 2 HP Type B,
 Buzacott 6 HP Type 6CH, Rosebery 4HP Type 4CH, Austral HP Hot Bulb,
 Ronaldson Bros. and Tippett Type N, Moffat Virtue 3HP, James Martin 4HP Type A2,
 Blaxland Pup Mod SXT 3.5 HP
 English Engines
 R Hornsby Portable Petrol Engine 7.5 HP, Lister 2 HP Type J Number 5,
 Lister 2 HP Type D2H, Crossley Brothers Type J
 American Engines
 Cooper (Stover) 3HP Type KF, International 6 HP Type M,

 Bryan Morse

 Dave Motley
1 1/2 HP McCormick Deering 'M'

  Rick Nelson
1 1/2 HP Keller

  Dene Oehme
7 HP Lister 'CD', 3 HP Lister Diesel, 10 HP Lister twin cylinder

 Peter & Jo Ogborne
Gin Gin engine, Elmet, Chapman, Hornet, Stuart Turner marine engines,
IHC "Famous", Trusty, Southern Cross, Motap, Sundial "B", Crossley,
IHC "M", Hornsby Ackroyd, 6 HP Hornsby, Alamo, Austral, W.A.S.P.,
Smith Motor Wheel.

 Karl Olmstead
 Antique Tractors

 Norman O'Neal
 Old Iron Auctioneer

 Mark Parsisson
 Steam Traction engine

 Paul Pavlinovich  (List Archives)
 Robey steam engine,  Ruston Oil engine, 4 or 5 HP Lister, 3 HP
Rosebery '3c', 7 HP Lister, 6 HP McDonald, 2 HP Rosebery '2c', 6 HP Rosebery
'6c', 2 HP Rosebery pumper, 3 HP Cooper shearing plant,  Lister CS, 3 HP
Lister genset, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 IHC 'LA', 2 HP Massey Harris Sundial, 3 HP
Imperial Super Diesel, 3 HP Ronaldson Tippet,  Ericsson hot air engine,

  Edd Payne  Currently Not Available
2 HP Alamo, Alamo 'vertical', 4 HP Stover, 6 HP Austral, 10 HP Tangy,
Scottish Melvin, English Hornsby, 4 HP IHC 'Mogul', 10 HP IHC 'Famous',
5 HP Galloway, 3 HP Stover 'W', 1 1/2 HP Ottawa, 2 HP New Holland,
English Blackstone, 2 1/2 HP New Way, Olds ‘A3’, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and
Johnson, 1 HP IHC 'Famous', 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 2 1/2 HP Hercules,
2 1/2 HP United, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 2 HP Buzacott, 2 HP Cooper,
5 HP Buzacott, 2 HP Blufton Cream Seperator Co., 2 HP James Martin,
3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 4 Mule Team Associated, Vertical Anderson,
Barlow Vertical (Australian made), English Bental, Waterloo 'Big Chief',
4 HP Buzacott, 2 HP Deutcher Triumph (Australian),
Fairbanks Morse 'number 2 Eclipse', Field and Brundage 'Type W',
5 HP Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP Galloway, Hercules, H.V. McKay 'Sunshine',
1 1/2 HP IHC 'M', 3 HP IHC 'M', 6 HP IHC 'M', 3 HP INGECO,
4 HP Nelson Bros., Vertical Kelly and Lewis, Vertical Lister, Massey Harris,
2 1/2 HP IHC 'Mogul', 1 1/4 HPMonitor Pumper, 1 1/2 HP Sandwich,
Stover type 'T', Sundial 'A', Sundial 'B', H.V.McKay Sunpet, Ronaldson Tippet,
Fairbanks Morse type 'T', Waterloo Boy, 2 HP IHC ‘Famous’ vertical,
6 HP IHC ‘Famous, 6 HP IHC ‘Mogul’, 8 HP IHC ‘Famous’, 2 HP Keller’,
1 1/2 HP Little Jumbo, Ronaldson Tippett, 2 HP Sundex, Bamford vert.,
Buzacott vert., Mofit Virtue, Tangye vert., 2 HP Witte ‘B’, Wolseley vert.

 Bruce Pederson
 6 HP Galloway, 6 HP Simplicity, 4 HP Associated, 2 HP Simplicity with webster, 4 1/2 HP Simplicity,
 2 HP Simplicity, igniter, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 1/2 HP United, 11/2 Fairbanks Headless
 1 3/4 Sandow, 2 1/2 Associated, 11/2 Stover type K, 1 3/4 Galloway, 5 HP Woolery, 1 3/4 United
 C.T. Wright marine engine, Ferro outboard, Maytags, 11/2 Hp Fuller and Johnson model NB with
 factory mud pump

 John Peterson
 Delco Light Plant, 15 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Y', 2 HP Sattley,  Easy
washing machine, 3 HP Cushman Cub

  William Pfeiffer Jr.
  4 HP Domestic, Lauson, 2 HP Sattley, Briggs & Sratton models N and WI

 Anthony Pitts
 Witte, Stover, IHC, 3 1/2 HP Jaeger, 3 HP Imperial (Valentine Bros.)
1 1/4 HP Baker Monitor "VJ", 2 HP Witte,

 Jimmy Priestley
 4 HP Domestic 'F', 4 HP Fuller and Johnson, 1 1/2 HP Novo 'S',
 Majestic engine history

  Craig Prucha
15 HP Dempster and Comstock, 40 HP Buffalo Olin, 20 HP Bovaird and Seyfang,
5 HP Economy, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 3 HP Regal, 4 HP R M Fowler, 4 HP Araco,
Maytag 92, 20 HP Simplex, 10 HP Fairbanks Morse 'NB', 20 HP Superior, 25 HP
Ball, 25 HP South Penn,  Fishkill Corliss steam engine, 2 HP Rumsey, Ball,
 4,000 HP Tod steam engine,  25 HP Swan

  Dave Reed

  Kelly Reynolds
1 3/4 HP Economy, 6 HP Hercules, 6 HP Fairbanks Morse, Briggs and Stratton 'FH'

  Mike Rohrer
Geiser 'Z3' steam traction engine, Geiser Peerless 'UU' steam traction engine,
Geiser and Frick literature and pictures

 Dave Rotigel
2 HP Domestic, 12 HP Hercules,  Hercules,  Atlas, 7 HP Springfield,
 New York, 4 HP Novo, 4 HP Witte,  Economy, 9 HP Galloway, Maytag
Twin, 600 Watt Delco Light Plant,  Bessemer half breed, 3 1/2 HP Jaeger,
 Sturtevent, 4 HP Witte, 5 HP Ottawa, 15 HP IHC,  Coldwell mower,
1 1/2 HP Galloway,  Monarch,  Cooper-Bessemer, 2 HP Witte, Maytag,
8 HP Witte, 1 1/2 HP Economy, 5 HP Economy, 4 HP Domestic,  Rice and
Sargent steam engine, 6 HP Sandwich, 180/225 HP Fairbanks Morse "32" Deisel,
Lavender Maytag Twin

  Denis Rouleau
1 3/4 HP Gilson 'Johnny on the Spot', 9, 7, 5, 3, and 2 HP Listers, 2 HP 'A'
Chapman,1 3/4 'B' Chapman, 10 HP 'C'  Chapman, 7 HP 'C'  Chapman,  1 1/2 HP
Gilson 'Goes like sixty',  1 3/4 HP Gilson, 2 1/2 HP Gilson, 8 HP Gilson, 3 1/2
HP Gilson 'Wizard', Gilson 'Wizard', 6 HP Gilson,  2 HP FairbanksMorse 'T',
2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', 3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z',
1 3/4 HP Associated, 1 1/2 HP United, 1 3/4 HP Associated 'Chore Boy',
2 HP Nelson Bros, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP IHC LBA,  Friend, Ottawa, 3 HP Cushman
'Cub', 7 1/2 HP Ferro 'K', 6 HP Alamo, 7HP Alamo,  7 HP Empire, 2 1/2 HP
Empire, 1 HP Duplex Superior, 3 HP Flying Dutchman, 2 HP Empire,
1 1/2 HP Alamo, 5 HP Robertsonville, Sylvester track car engine, 12 HP Alamo,
Caron Bros., 5 HP Desjardins, 2 HP Taylor Vacuum, 12 HP Massey Harris Type 1

  Rick Rowlands
4,000 HP Tod steam engine

 Paul SanDoe

Troy and Rhonda Scheeringa
Cushman, International Type M,Cushman Cub,
 Gould Shapley and Muir 1 1/2 HP, International Harvester,
Fairbanks Morse Z 2 HP, Fairbanks Morse Z 1 1/2 HP,

  Randall Semeiks
Blue Diamond Generator, Briggs and Stratton 5S, Maytag "92",
2 HP Stover "KA"

Dan Skalsky
1 1/2 HP IHC "LAA", ! 1/2 Fairbanks Morse Z, International 3 to 5 HP LB,
1 1/2 Judson

   Rob Skinner
8 HP Goold, Shapley & Muir, 20 HP Victory,  3 HP Jaeger, 5 HP Ottawa,
6 inch Rider Ericsson, Maytag 72, 2 HP Domestic, 2 HP Bessemer,
1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Style D, 2 HP Witte, Ideal, Standard Cream Separator,
1 1/2-2 1/2 HP International LB, 60 HP Fairbanks Morse, Sandwich, Hercules,
Root and Vandervoort,  Dayton, Crossley, Deutz, Foos,  Pierce,  Gemmer,
Joyner,  Genco Light Plant, 50 HP Case steamer,  Novo,  Witte,  Leader,
15 HP Sakai, 20 HP Yanmar, 40 HP Union, 20 HP Victory, Stover, Economy,
McCormick Deering, Alamo, Aermotor, Root and Vandervoort, Briggs and
Stratton, Gault, Racine-Sattley, Hercules, Economy
Western Antique Power Associates

  Arthur Southwell

  Brad Soward
 10 HP IHC "M", Petter "S", Lister "B", 1 1/2 HP IHC "M",
  3 HP IHC "M", 10 HP Uniporn diesel, 4 HP Kelly and Lewis "KE",

 Mike Tanner
 HP Lister 'J', 1 1/2 HP Ruston Hornsby

 Harry Terpstra

  David Tiefenbrunn
  A little bit of everything here

 Ron Thompson
3 HP 1000 Watt Kohler light plant, 3 1/2 HP Witte

 Luke Tonneberger
6 HP Novo type 'S', 5 HP Economy type 'H', 1 1/2 HP Stover 'KE',
3 HP John Deere 'E',1 1/2 - 2 HP IHC "LB", Clinton, Briggs and Stratton "B"
Nelson Brothers Little Jumbo

 Rob Timm
  4 1/2 HP Stover

  Bill Traill
 10 HP Ostenberg, other old iron

  Bill Tremel
 Galloway,  Witte, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse,  Cooper Bessemer
20 HP Oil City, 1 1/2, 3, 6 HPJohn Deeres, 15 HP Reid,  Pattin Bros,
 IHC Mogul, 20 HP JC, 20 HP Pattin Bros, 25 HP Reid,  Ball half breed

Micheal Tucker
1 1/2 HP John Deere, 3 HP John Deere, 6 HP John Deere

 George Vaughan
 1 3/4 Economy

  Mark Will
1 1/2 Fairbanks Morse, Maytag,  John Deere

 McWhite's Stationary Engine Gazeteer
 (Harry White)
 1 1/2 HP Brownell, Economy, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, Maynard, 2 HP Reeves,
 1 1/2 HP Sandwich, 1 1/2 HP Stover, Lauson, 6 HP New Holland, IHC Mogul,
 1 1/2 HP Gilson Johnny On The Spot, 4 HP Ottawa Log Saw, 8 HP Witte,
 3 1/2 HP Jaeger, 11/2 HP Todd, 2 HP Jacobsen, 1 1/2 HP Leader, 1 1/2 HP Waterloo,
 Jaeger, 2 1/2 HP Perkins, Plunkett Jr., 1 1/2 HP Ideal,
 1 1/2 HP Gilson Johnny On The Spot, 1 1/2 HP Fuller Johnson, 2 HP Jaeger,
 1 3/4 HP Little Jumbo, 1 HP Home Power, 2 1/2 HP Second & Orr,
 3 HP Cummins, IHC Famous, Fairbanks Morse Eclipse.

 John Wyant
  5hp Galloway, 4hp Ottawa log saw, 1hp Famous, 1 3/4 Galloway a/c ,
  1 3/4 Galloway h/c, 1 1/2 Sattley
  35  F-12, 39 Allis RC,  31 Regular, 38 Allis B, 38 Allis WC, 47 JD H

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Serial Number Lists and Registries

  Some of these serial lists provide the means to date an engine and some of them are registry lists which try to compile
  information on engines that are still known to exist.

 Root and Vandervoort Registry

 Massey Harris Registry For Stationary Engines

  Briggs & Stratton, Economy,
 Hercules,Arco,Jaeger, Fairbanks-Morse, International Harvester &
 McCormick-Deering, John Deere, Lister, Maytag, Stover, Wisconsin,
 Witte, Fuller & Johnson,

 Chapman, Fairbanks Morse, IHC, Gilson, Christensen, Alamo

 Fairbanks Morse, Chapman




 Maytag, IHC, John Deere,
Fairbanks Morse

 Alamo and Empire

Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company

Fuller and Johnson Registry

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Other Great Sites

Old Iron Auction Specializing in online auctions for old iron.

Peter, Troy & Terry Scheeringa
Fairbanks Morse Z 1 1/2 HP, Gould, Shapley and Muir 1 1/2 HP, Fairbanks Morse Z 2 HP,
International Harvester Type M, Cushman Binder engine, Cushman Cub,
International LB 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 HP

Peter Forbes Lister Pages
 Peter and Rita Forbes have put together an amazing site with information on the Lister line of engines and the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust
This is the site for inboard marine engine research and information providing a forum for collectors,
 restorers, and users of antique (pre-1940) inboard marine engines

 John Ambler
 1930 Ruston-Hornsby 4AP, 1927 Crossley PHC1060, 1947 Wolseley WD2,
 1955 Lister 6/1 cold starting diesel, 1916? Petter M-type oil engine

  Windmill Art (Denis Graham)

  See some of the fantastic wood carvings of tractors etc.

 The Oostvogels
 I believe this family are from Holland and this sight is really interesting.
 Lots of information on European engines.

  Andre Doorn, Holland (Dutch and English)
  Caille, Sachs, Farymann and Pluvier

  The Tod Engine Project

Come find out about Rick Rowland and his efforts to relocate and restore this
magnificant Tod steam engine.

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Clubs and Engine Historical Sites

  Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment Association

Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association

 Antique Tractor List Homepage

Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association
 60 HP Fairbanks Morse, 4 1/2 HP Jacobson, 2 HP Novo, 8 HP Associated,
 6 cycle Mery, 450 HP Fairbanks Morse 6 cylinder, ? HP Rider-Ericsson,
 Fairbanks Morse, Doack, John Deere, Aermotor, Fairbanks Morse,
 Springfield, 8 HP Fairbanks Morse 'N',

Central Hawkeye Gas Engineand Tractor Association
 5 HP Economy,  Independent, 225 HP Fairbanks Morse 3 cylinder, 20 HP

National Pike, Steam, Gas and HorseAssociation

  Southside Historical Power Club
 1 1/2 HP Economy, 1 1/2 HP Hercules, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 HP Witte,
 2 1/2 HP Stover, 3 HP Briggs and Stratton, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, Maytag,
 8 HP Witte, Briggs and Stratton 'AP', 6 HP Stover, 6 HP Witte Sawrig,

 Upper Canada Two Cylinder Club

IHC Collectors,  Chapter 14

Central Kansas Flywheel Museum

 Gas Engine Magazine

Stationary Engine Magazine

Lewis-Clark Antique PowerClub

The North Texas Antique Tractor &Engine Club
  2 1/4 HP Associated 'Hired Man', Krueger Atlas Junior, Reeves,

The Antique Small Engine Collectors Club
 Is a club that is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and general information exchange of
 small antique air-cooled  engines

Houston Area Live Steamers


Foothills Antique Tractorand Engine Club (TN)

Southern Tier Antique Gas Engine and SteamAssociation
 Peerless Steamer, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 1 3/4 HP Gray, Friend ,
 Homelite generator engine, Briggs and Stratton 'Y',

Gaston Agricultural, Mechanical, and Textile Restoration Association


 Quinte Flywheels 

 North Shore Antique Tractor & Engine Club

The  Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers Association

 Rockton Antique and Hobby Club June 23, 2001 

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Restoration Sources and Information

I have now divided this area into two sections. The first section is for Suppliers and Service, and the second
section is Information on various aspects of the restoration process.

Mystery Engines
Can you identify these uknown engines?? Click on the ?to see them!

Suppliers and Service

 Vintage Farm Equipment

Hit'n'Miss Enterprises
P.O. Box 157
4462 Montgomery Rd.
Orwell, OH 44076
Phone: (440) 272-5335 Fax: (440) 272-5333

Charles Balyeat
Supplies for gas engine restoration

Starbolt Engine Supplies
3403 Buckeystown Pike
Adamstown MD 21710
Please call (301)874-2821 between 8:30AM and 4:30PM (EST) or (301)694-2821 between 5:00PM and 9:00PM (EST)

 Tiny Power Steam Engines
  Quality made steam engines for display or serious work. From model size up to engines able to power a 18' boat.
  Some of them make 10 HP easily.

  Boilers for all applications

The Otto Gas Engine Works
Dave Reed
Piston rings from 3/4"  to 86" in diameter and any size in between.

  Paul Sandoe
 Magneto sales and repair

 Ted Brookover
 Ignitor manufacture and repairs as well as magneto service.

  Bill Lopoulos
  A wide varitety of parts to restore antique and modern tractors, stationary
  engines, cars, and trucks. Magneto parts for most antique and modern magnetos.
 Spark plugs, wire, and terminals for popular antique tractors and stationary engines.
 Oilers, oiler parts, grease cups, priming cups, oil cups, drain cocks, gasket material.
 Nameplates for most stationary engines and magnetos
 And much more!!!!

 Magneto Parts
  Bill Lopoulos
  304 Pondview Village Rd
  Tyngsboro, MA 01879
  978-649-7879  E-Mail:

 Essex Brass
 Manufacturers of oilers, brass drain cocks, liquid level water guages, brass fittings and much more.

 Jerry E Howell
 model Stirling Engine, Atmospheric (vacuum ) Engine, Gas Engine and other types of model engineering project
 plans sets, Material Kits and Casting Kits for the Hobby, Educational and Experimental machinist.

 Model Engineering Support Page
 Lots of resources for people interested in collecting or building model engines.

Haugholm Books
Allan Haugh
RR#1 Brucefield, Ontario, N0M 1J0
(519) 522-0248
Classic Tractor, Car & Gas Engine Books Decal Sets for Older Tractors and
Gas Engines, Buy, Sell, Trade
Allan has a good selection of books and can supply you with decals as well as some reproduction parts for common makes of gas engines.

Innis Used Tractor Parts
Bob Innis
RR# 2 Listowel, Ontario, N4W 3G7
(519)291-4579 or (519) 291-4924
Fax (519)291-1520
Early and late model tractors and combines for wrecking, machinery repairs, used tractors and machinery, new and used tractor parts
Bob Innis has many parts for all kinds of tractors and will buy and sell parts.

Ontario Used Tractor Parts Londesborough, Ontario, N0M 2H0
Fax (519)523-4765

 C & C Valves, Steve Cudney, RR# 1 Hanover, Ontario, N4N 3B8,
 Toll Free 1-877-574-4444
 fax (519)364-5201
 Making engine valves is what Steve does. In addition to the production work that he does, Steve will custom make valves  for any kind of engines.

 Ron Mattson's  Antique Engine Collectors Nametags Custom Made Etched or Cast Brass Nametags
  Ron can make reproduction name plates for most engines. Go to his page above or contact him at the
  following address.
  Ron Mattson
  55 Bishop Hill Rd.
  Johnston, RI 02919
  (401) 934-3539

  Bob's Small Engine Repair
  Antique Air Cooled Engine Parts
  P.O. Box 253
  Marion, IA 52302
  Phone: (319) 377-3339
  Fax: (319) 377-1247
  Extensive Parts Inventory for: Maytag, Briggs and Stratton, Clinton, Lawn Boy, Tecumseh, Lauson, Power Products,
 Johnson Iron Horse, Wisconsin, Minn Kota, Motor Guide, Shakespeare, Coleman, Mr. Heater, Eska O.B., Kohler, Cizek
 I Have a large selection of New and Used Air Cooled Engine Parts for sale dating from 1918. I also sell
literature, decals and service information. I can provide repair services, and am always looking for parts
and engines to buy .

 Harbour Freight Tools
  A good selection of hand tools as well as lathes, mills and other metal working tools that would be helpfull in this hobby.

  South Bend Lathe
  1-800-245-2843 or 1-219-289-7771
   Fax 1-219-236-1210
  High quality lathes, mills and other metal working products. Established in 1906, this company is known around the world
  for it's products.

  MacMaster Carr
  I can't even begin to describe this site. Over 340000 items to look at. If you can't find it here, good luck.

  Virtual Museum Pages
  Online catalogue of museums with an online presence

  CCPLACE Vintage Magazine Advertisements
  Here, on our site you will be able to take a trip down memory lane and
  see what advertising for every day products was like over the past 100 years. At
  CCPLACE Vintage Advertisements we specialize in Agricultural  items, such as tractors,
  implements and other farm mechanics. We also have many other miscellaneous advertisements
  for all products available then and now.

 Cattail Foundry
 167 W. Cattail Rd.
 Gordonville, PA 17529
 no phone

 Cumberland Foundry
 Rt. 114  (don't know exact addy)
 Cumberland, RI
 should be in yellow pages on the net

 Hobby Shop
 Ray Olson,
 14260 Pheasant Drive, NW,
 Brandon, MN 56315

  Information Sources

  Ken's Bearing Pouring Party
 Ken Brown got together with some friends and and expert to learn how to pour bearings. At this
 page, he describes the get together and what they learned.

 Stationary Engine Publications Archive
 Online publications of different stationary engine manuals

  Identifying Engines a Different Way
  This is a fantastic page with pictures and information.
  Hoppers get changed and flywheel diameters may vary, sub-bases come and go,
  even governors and fuel systems were changed. But it seems to me that very
  few builders or retailers went to the trouble of redesigning the ignition
  systems. I have put together a page with 131 Ignitors listed.

 Bill's  Electrolysis Page
 A great description on the electrolysis method of rust romoval.

 An informative page with frequently asked questions about gaskets put together by list member
 Paul Pavlinovich.

  Want to learn how a governor works or at least how it is supposed to work?

  Fuel Systems
  Go to Bill Dickerson's page on fuel systems and learn about the basic concept of fuel systems.

  Low Tension Coils
  Go to Rob Skinner's page on building a low tension coils for your engine.

  Belting Notes and Rules
  Rob Skinner has done it again. Learn about flat belting do's and don'ts.

 Paint Codes sorted by manufacturer.

  Using Grease To Unstick an Engine Randall Semeiks has put together a great page on unsticking an engine using grease.

 Making Springs
 Need to make springs? Curt Holland has posted some info on making your own springs.

  Lindsay Books
  Highest quality books, new and old, for  experimenters, inventors, tinkerers, mad scientists, and a very few normal people.
  Foundry, machine shop, engraving, plastic molding, old time radio, lightning bolt generators, chemistry,
  survival, alternate energy, science, physics, amateur radio, booze, Tesla, magnets, photography, patents, clocks,
  hot air engine construction, embalming, steam power, and much, much more...

  Babbit Book
  The Magnolia Metal Bearing Book (all 95 pages) is available for download in PDF format (Size 398K).
  This is a book printed in 1927. It contains much information on the metal, babbitt and
   how to use it as bearing material.

   Laundry Piling Up??
   Check out this site on antique washing machines and learn how to get your clothes clean.

   Home Foundrymen's Association
   The Home Foundrymen's Association was founded to promote the exchange of information and ideas
    among those of us interested in home metal casting of all kinds. This site contains links and you can
    become a member of the HFA as well as subscribe to the Hobbycast mailing list.

    Machine Shop Instruction
    An online army book about the fundamentals of machine tool use. Covers lathes, mills, heat treating and
    a lot more. Downloadable and probably worth the time.

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