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We buy,sell,trade,fix,or repair most makes an models. So, if you need a part or a complete magneto just let me know. I can either repair the one you have, or I can at your option, trade it for one that is hot and ready to go. If you have a magneto or even one part you are trying to sell, I will many times buy it from you. Or, if you have a lot of magnetos, or parts for sale, again, I will often buy them from you. Here is a list of some of the more popular magnetos that I have worked on, and have in stock WICO,EDISON-SPLITSDORF,FAIRBANKS-MORSE,WEBSTER,EISEMANN AMERICAN BOSCH, ROBERT BOSCH, INTERNATIONAL, CASE,JOHN-DEERE AND OTHERS. SO IF YOU NEED A MAGNETO REPAIRED, REBUILT, or just need parts for one. You can let me know here, or phone me at 1(410)658-8184 8AM-5PM MON.-FRI. SAT.8AM-12NOON MOST WEEKS. I will be glad to help you in any way I can. Here is a list of the N.O.S. magnetos that I have. They are The WICO MODEL C BASE mount they are for the ONAN engine they are spiec number 1088D. Ialso have a few of the Fair Banks Model FMJ type magneto's they are the flange mount type,They are for the old CLIMAX engine these are four cylinder magneto's. Again these are NEW OLD STOCK NOT REBUILT,REWORKED OR ANY thing elso. They are N.O.S. THERE ARE NOT MANY OF THESE LEFT. So if interested contact me for pricing on them. Let Me know what you think of this page. Need more info?? Contact me at the above phone number or snail mail me at SanDoe Equipment, 287 New Valley Road, Conowingo, MD 21918-1608, USA. My E-Mail address is SanDoe.Equipment should you wish to contact me by computer. Or you can send any magneto's to the above adress for repair,or quote's on the cost of repair work. Thank you.