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I have great news everyone. Oblivion HQ Productions is moving! We got a offer from the director of NewDoom and arranged a hosting agreement for a 6 month term. The new sites' html and java will be implemented. For all of you crazy ass holes wondering wtf is going to happen to GoW (Gods of War, Oblivion HQ's official clan), well the website will kind of be part of the main Oblivion HQ website... so no worries. Also, the e-mail adresses are as follows,

Oblivion HQ Productions:

Oblivion HQ president:

If you have what it takes we are still looking for 3D artist, level designers, sound affects, music makers/ developers, modelers and texture artist. Anybody with QERadiant, Lithtech, UnrealEd, Visual C++, Visual Basic, DromEd, Genesis 3D SDK, SDK tools , Photoshop or DEdit experience might be very useful. Check out the Crew page to see a open slot for you, I will be glad to hear from you! So visit The Crew page to see a open slot for you!


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