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Oblivion Doom

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The Crew
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Story takes place after Doom II - This is Hells last chance at beating you. Will they exceed?

Basic Story - More details coming

Ross and John (brothers) are hanging out at Ross' house having a little party... Both men work at UAC, a secret government agency that the government itself doesnt know about. Highly trained professionals they are... having a few beers and playing Quake III buzzed, Ross is leading with 5 frags, heh. They get a secret transmission telling them to get prepared and are informed there has been a problem with another one of there experimental gateways they are using to try to transfer a person or even a ship of some kind through one end to another end on the other side of the universe, except when the last secret space starship pulled through it pulled along with it, hell itself.

The idea for them working at the UAC is $20,000 a month and a 10% chance of getting killed everyday... except its more like 99.999% chance right now. They get ready within minutes to report into the base except when they are leaving they see on the news that the USA has reached Defcon 1 and is advising everyone to find a shelter or stay in their homes... As of that moment they almost shit there pants when they witnessed incoming masses of demonic beings of some kind. On the way to the base they see gateways of all sorts opening over there city of Las Vegas. As they are on there way there are listening to žlipknot on the radio when it is interupted with a message declaing war on all of the planet. The government and UAC are priority one right now. They arrive at there base to find nothing but the stynch of death surrounding them, when they reach the passport to get in a cyberdemon walks around the corner and blows the entire door up. They run... they get in tank and goto: Neliss airport of Las Vegas. As they get there, they see about 20 jets intercept a ship the size of Las Vegas itself... they fail and therefore they must evacuate. Everything happens so quickly that they are caught off guard. Ross meets up with some survivors from there camp. The people are Don and Undertaker, Undertaker being a betrayed Hell Knight from Hell only in human form he helps them.

The rest of UAC issues a command for the military survivors to evacuate to these massive ships to escape from earth to go to another planet. Ross remembers that he gave his son a toy gun made out wood that he carved the day before and he must return home to get his wife and son and will meet up with John elsewhere but John refuses and the survivors quickly go with him. When he arrives home the door is found to be open and as he enters the doorway his heart sinks in when he sees his son laying on the ground with his toy gun he made him... shot to death. His wife hanging in the air. He is found to be going nuts when he puts a gun to his head... before he kills himself John is quick to retract the gun from him. Ross is really pissed off. Something starts to go wrong with him, they see him consuming some kind of power only a god could have. As his eyes turn red and electricity pulses through his body they leave to the ship where one last battle is taking place in Washington DC. One of his best friends and one of the best military men (Manson) go's ahead of the survivors which ruffly round into about 3 million. Being 5 days later Manson is killed in action after running into contact with a cyberdemon and getting his ass blown literally apart by a missile... he reaches for the handle to reset the power for the ships to save about 2 million people. He lives to push and falls over dead the second after. Don and The Undertaker are devestated.

Ross remains the chosen one... the pilot for the main ship is killed and as the demons march in a horde of millions to the ship Ross takes command of the ship to pilot it. The Undertaker and Don tell him they cant make it and they will stay back with the rest to fight them off to buy them some time. Ross finally lets go after The Undertaker and Don assured him they will find him in the years to come. Ross and John leave in the massive ship which is being followed by a demon mothership. They finally blown them out of the sky... Ross wakes up from his nightmares eevrynight, he keeps hearing a word that means "Wraith of the fallen". He renames himself TheRequiem. As they move on to some other planet he intends on rebuilding his entire civilization to avenge the death they have caused.

My friends I present you... Oblivion Doom III.

To be continued in the years to come with our own game.