Canyoning is the sport of descending creeks and small rivers, negotiating swims, abseils and constrictions. In the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, there are hundreds of deep and narrow canyons, some up to 60 metres deep and only 1 or 2 metres wide...

Some canyons are wet, and may involve abseiling through serious waterfalls. Others are almost dry... Others that you expect to be dry end up quite wet...

Bell Creek canyon is an extremely spectacular canyon, which does not require any abseiling. There are many long swims, however, and a wetsuit and an airbed is definately recommended.

Breakfast Creek is a small tributary to Rocky Creek, that joins downstream to the main Rocky Ck canyon section. It's character is not as sustained as some of the more spectacular canyons, but even so it is well worth doing.

Deep Pass is one of the few "dry" canyons. You don't have to get wet beyond the knees (if you don't fall in, that is).

Hole in the Wall is a truly amazing canyon. Too tight for lilos, yet it contains (some) swimming. Has two really spectacular dark constricted sections, one of which is completely underground for about 100m, and contains a real caving-type squeeze. Everyone must have waterproof torches.

Kalang Falls canyon is not really a canyon - it is a series of large waterfalls near Kanangra Walls. All of the waterfalls can be abseiled either the dry way or the wet way.

River Caves canyon is mostly dry, and is one of the few that can be done in winter. It has some spectacular narrow sections, plus a couple of shallow wades.

Rocky Creek canyon is an easy canyon, but it is still one of the most spectacular. There are no abseils, or very long swims. It is still quite cold, though, and a wetsuit is definately necessary.

Starlight canyon (also called "Newnes Canyon") actually goes completely underground for around 300m. The name "Starlight" comes from the thousands of glow-worms in the dark section. It is actually a "dry" canyon - that is you don't usually have to get much more than your feet wet.

Tiger Snake canyon is another "completely dry" canyon that can be done in winter. It contains two canyon sections - the first short but narrow, the second very narrow, deep and dark. It to contains an underground section, however in this canyon it is only optional...

Whungee Wheengee This is an absolutely stunning canyon. It contains three very dark sections, all with full swims. It is cold, however, and a very long day... but is well worth it.

Wolgan View canyon is another dry canyon. This one has no water at all, though, so there is absolutely no danger of getting wet.

Wollangambe canyon has to be one of the most popular canyons in the Blue Mountains. It is very easy, making it ideal for beginners, yet still very spectactular.


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