Hole in the Wall Canyon

Hole in the Wall Canyon is a small creek, with lots of nice twists and bends... It has to be one of the most spectacular canyons in the entire Blue Mountains.
This is right at the beginning of the canyon, right before the first of the two tight sections begins.
The canyon immediately begins to narrow, and soon the first constriction section is met.

Although there are no full swims in this first section, you still get fairly wet!
There is one very dark spot (but not quite pitch black) in this upper section. You have to negotiate this nasty drop into waist deep water with virtually no light at all.

The first section of canyon ends soon after this.
After about a half hours walk along the pleasant creek, the second section of canyon is met... This part of the canyon has a decidely more vertical nature to it.

Almost immediately you come across the first waterfall abseil. This abseil is only about 10m high, but it is very slippery, and has a tendancy to land you right under the force of the water... making it very fun when you try to get off-rope.
At the bottom of the abseil... If you stuff up and land directly under the waterfall, you have to tread water whilst you unclip from the rope...

Immediately after this point, the canyon goes completely underground for about 50m. Torches are needed for this section. A squeeze has to be passed in complete darkness - which always proves entertaining for those who are even mildly claustrophobic.
Then the last (and biggest) abseil is met. This is about 18m, and is overhanging in a waterfall for most of its length. It leads down into a beautiful hidden chamber... with the water crashing down behind you.
Towards the bottom of the big abseil... There is very little natural light here... and a hell of a lot of natural water!
Finally, the exit of the canyon is reached. Hole in the Wall ends up in the Bungleboori Creek, and takes its name from the tiny "slot" through which it enters the larger creek.

To get out, you have to head upstream for approximately 500m, negotiating a couple of swims against the current along the way.
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