Rocky Creek Canyon

Rocky Creek Canyon is an excellent beginners canyon. There is no abseiling required, yet it is one of the most spectacular canyons in the Blue Mountains. This photo was taken on the walk in, in a tributary to the main creek.
Soon enough on the walk in, the canyon itself is reached... and at this point the creek immediately drops two metres into a deep pool... into which you have to jump

(this is lower-left in this photo).
And then the fun begins... A tight canyon leads off into the semi-darkness, with quite a few deep swims. A lilo (ie. air mattress as seen here) is a great idea - both as an aid to flotation, and also just for fun.
The canyon then begins to drop a little... with several small waterfalls to negotiate. These (like any canyon, really) can be dangerous in high water levels.

At least we're not trying to go upstream with the lilos!
This is one of the trickier waterfalls to climb down. The best technique that I've found so far is to drop your lilo down, and then use it to stand on (well, wobble on actually!!) until you can sit down.
The canyon soon opens up a little, with a large chamber containing a deep pool.

It is possible to slide down the centre "nose" of rock on your lilo (like this person tried to do)... staying on when you hit the water is the hard bit, though!
Sometimes, the most amazing shafts of sunlight penetrate deep into the canyon. The canyon walls here are only 10 meters wide, and probably 60 meters high... so not much direct light ever gets in.

This has to be one of the best "sunbeams" that I have ever seen in a canyon.
It was mesmerising in it's brightness. It lit up the canyon incredibly in the surrounding area.

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