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Why Emails Bounce
Are deleted files completely erased?
How can I be spamming myself?
Hack In The Box


Cyber Bullying
Cyber Stalking
Kids Safety Online
chld Friendly Search Engines
Online Predators
Privacy Invasions

PC Health

    Disc Defragmenter
    Understanding DLL
    Disc Cleanup
    Woking with internet temporary files


    Setting Proxy Values
    Changing Cache Settings
    Keyboard Shortcuts
      What they are and how they work
      Enabling & Disabling Cookies
      Cookie Manager
      Viewing Cookies
      Removing Cookies
    Setting Privacy Levels

Virus Reports


Watermark Tut
Introduction to PSP
PSP Tools
PSP Colors
Creating Tiles & Backgrounds

Knowledge Center

Term Of The Day
Common Tech Terms
Error Messages
Keyboard Shortcuts
FTP Terminology & Guide
Server Types
Getting In The Search Engines
Characters & ASCII Equivalents

Group Freebies

MSN Group Dividers
    Please note:
    These dividers work on MSN groups and I do not know if they can be used anywhere else online
    MSN routinely closes groups regardless of your content or number of members
    You should be sure all your work that is posted on these groups are backed-up on disc or somewhere else.

MSN Page Templates


Several links categories

HTML & Web Design

Color Cube
Color Names & Hex Codes

The HTML information is set up in three simple levels.

Once you complete a level, move onto the next and so on, until you finish.  At that point you should be able to begin your own web site or refine a site you already have, with no problems at all.

Take it one step at a time, learn as much as you can and watch your group, homepage or website, grow and develop - with the knowledge that YOU made it happen.

The information added to this site is not unique or original and where available I have added the source credit right on each page. 

As I get more into it, I will be adding all my favourite tricks and codes.  Some I use very often and others that work for me and my web preferences.

I do hope anyone who stumbles upon this site can carry away some new piece of information they didn't know before

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Netiquette V2.0

The first time I started this site (as an MSN group - we'll call that one Netiquette V1.0)  I became so frustrated and overwhelmed by it all, I called it quits.
In doing so, I lost a great deal of the wonderful things I had originally added and now regret it.
I started NetiQuette V2.0 as an MSN group and once again found myself in a positon where I wanted to call it quits  (see my MSN tags to gain a little insight into how I feel about the whole "groups" thing. )

Instead of shutting down and losing everything again, I moved everything to  angelfire. So now with NetiQuette V2.0 I plan on finding all the original information and adding more of it to this site in time



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