It is always nice to receive positive feedback from people who have purchased horses from NeverSayNever Farm. Below is a sampling of testimonials:

From Tom Stone, owner of Ulysses Ster quality (Ferro x Wanroij):

As you know, When I purchased Ulysses from you in December, 2005 I had never, nor had you ever attempted to ship a horse from Nova Scotia, Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before. . . I have to tell you that almost every person at Hipica has commented to me that whoever started Ulysses off in his training did a superb job. It is quite evident when you see him work. I have had some of the old timers at the club, I'm talking about men that have been in the horse business 50 or more years, tell me that they have never seen a horse that was 100% straight until they met Ulysses. I wish I could have seen Olympic Ferro. He must have been one fine animal. There are horses at Hipica that are worth in the millions of dollars, but the general consensus is, they don't compare to Ulysses. You did one fine job with Ulysses and I would like to have Bosanova be with her big brother. Ulysses is still a big baby and a lover boy, we all love him very much. Ulysses is turning out to be an incredibly talented, correct Jumper. Thank you Martha for all of the help and support you have given me and I look forward to you coming to Brazil to see Ulysses and me, Tom Stone. You might want to think about the Pan Am Games. I wish you could see Uly jump in the Brazilian Young horse Championship. He is quite the show stopper.

From Inga Hansen, owner of Zeta (Metall x Idocus):

I thought I should give you an update on how my summer with Zeta turned out. It was a great summer, we had a lot of fun going to clinics in new places. Zeta is a very brave girl, and a fast learner. We spent the summer mainly schooling on the flat, adding some pole work and small cross-country lessons in occasionally. She improved so much over the summer and I am very excited for next year. . . We went to the Starthgartney Horse Trails on the 20th of September and competed in the pre-entry division. She was such a good girl. We did a dressage test that was similar to the dressage training level test 1, a stadium course of cross-rails, and a cross country course of logs (at a trot speed). It was the perfect event to start with. I was so proud of her all day, and in the end we came second. I look forward to continuing in eventing with her next year. . . She is a wonderful horse and she is very well loved in our barn.

From Jessica Stoots-Reuthe and Robert Reuthe, owners of Faust NSN (Banderas x Wanroij):

Thank you Martha for such a fantastic colt!! Faust NSN is more than we could ever expect and far surpasses what we had hoped for in a young prospect. You have done a wonderful job with handling him from day one. Robert and I are so excited to see what the future holds for this special young boy. This year he will be turning three, and therefore it is going to be time for him to begin his career. He is getting quite big, still butt high, which only confirms how massive this youngster will be when finished growing!! Robert and I are eternally grateful for all you have done for us; your support, your guidance, your patience and most importantly your trust in us. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication in producing such fantastic foals. We will keep you posted on all of Faust's progress through the future years.

Robert and Jessica Reuthe

Union, Kentucky


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