William Kean
1712 - 1775

William Kean
William Kean was born on the 19th of September 1712. He died on the 28th of March 1775, in West Teignmouth, Exeter, England. His first marriage was to Mary (nee unknown) Kean around 1730. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Drake on the 13th of February 1756 in West Teignmouth, Exeter, England. She died in 1817. He is the son of William Kean and Elizabeth Bridgeham.

Elizabeth Drake

He had 5 children from his first marriage:

William Kean

Benjamin Kean

Silence Sarah Kean

Mary Ann Kean

Jane Kean

b: 1739

b: 1741

b: 1745

b: 1747

b: 1750

d: 1786

d: 14 May 1802

d: 6 August 1831

d: (unknown)

d: 1 October 1775

He had 3 children from his second marriage:

Robert Kean, Capt

Samuel Kean

George Kean

b: 1757

b: 1760

b: 1763

d: 6 December 1834

d: 1763

d: 1763