Mary Ann Kean
1747 - (TBI)

Mary Ann Kean
Mary Ann Kean was born in 1747 in West Teignmouth, Exeter, England. She died in (unknown). She is the daughter of William Kean and Mary (nee unknown) Kean. She married Doctor George Heath on the 6th of August 1776 in West Teignmouth, Exeter, England. He was born on the 3rd of December 1745 in (insert location). He died on the 23rd of February 1822 in London, England. He was the son of Benjamin Heath and Rose Mary Michelet. Doctor George Heath was Head Master of the famous Eton College in England from 1792 until 1800. He was a fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Rector of Monks Resborough, Fellow of Eton (1801), Vicar of Sturminster Marshall, Dorset (1805), Vicar of Piddleton and Vicar of East Beachworth (1805-1814). He also served as Head Vicar at St. George's Chapel of Windsor Castle from the 15th of November 1800 until his death in 1822. He is buried in the Canon's wall there. Mary Ann (nee Kean) his wife and one daughter are buried under the floor there.

Doctor George Heath
She had 2 children:
Louisa Heath

Benjamin George Heath

b: 1786

b: (unknown)

d: 10 May 1860

d: 1829