Aubrey Knee Kean
1928 - 2001

Aubrey Knee Kean
Aubrey Knee Kean was born on the 22nd of May 1928 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He died on the 5th of April 2001 in the Colchester Regional Hospital in Truro, Nova Scotia. He was the son of William K Kean and Edith Emma Sparkes. He married Daisy Lillian Christian on the 17th of January 1948 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was born on the 22nd of February 1927 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She died on the 12th of September 1999 in Noel, Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of (insert names). She was raised by her aunt Pauline Powers and went by the name of Daisy Powers until her marriage to Aubrey Kean.

Daisy Lillian Christian
He had 8 children:
Aubrey Earl Kean

Dennis William Kean

Edith Diane Kean

Paul Richard Kean

Roy Douglas Kean

Mark Stephen Kean

David Daniel Kean

Ann Marie Kean

b: 14 December 1947

b: 14 November 1948

b: 10 January 1951

b: 12 June 1952

b: 20 May 1957

b: 15 May 1959

b: 1 February 1961

b: 14 February 1962

d: 6 September 2010