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Belief In Taqdir
NO. 7

True Muslims believe in Taqdir as ordered by Allah. Those who believe in Fatalism are not true Muslims. Fatalism as we all know, asserts that all human activities have been predestines. Fatalism denies the freedom of will in man, thus dampening all enthusiasm for progress, besides destroying morality.

There are several verses in the holy Quran which give the meaning of taqdir. Surah 25: verses 2 states: -
"He Who create everything, then ordained for it a measure (taqdir)"
This is further explained in Surah 36: 38-40 thus:

"And the sun runs its course for a period determined for it: that is the taqdir (law) of the Mighty and the knowing. And as for the moon, We have measured for it stages till it returns like the old and withered palm leaf. It is not catch up the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day each floats in its own orbit according to law."

From the above verses we can see that Allah created the universe and all the things in it with a certain purpose. To achieve that purpose a certain law has to be obeyed, the law, which is commonly, know as the law of Nature. For example in the solar system, if the sun tilts a bit from its position, some planets might be burn up while others might freeze.
Likewise, man, as a part of the universe has been created with a function to serve and has been endowed with certain faculties and capabilities related to that function.
To enable man to discharge his various function, Allah has endowed him with the necessary capabilities as in Surah 95: 4:

"We have indeed created man in the best of moulds."

With this best of moulds, he is to conquer nature; to elevate himself morally and spiritually through his dealings with his Creator and seek purity in life. For his conquest of nature, Allah has bestowed him intellect. In our lifetime, we have seen ourselves how man uses his intellect to probe into the unknown laws of nature that enable him through modern science to land on the moon. While man rejoices over his materialistic benefits, he still needs guidance to keep the peace among his fellow creatures on earth as well as to uplift his moral and spiritual being.
This guidance is provided by Allah through His book of revelations, in particular the Holy quran in Surah 5: 16-18: we read:

"O people of the Book! There has come to you Our Apostle, revealing to you much that you used to hide in the book (Torah and Bible) and passing over much (that is now unnecessary): There has come to you from Allah a new light and a clear Book, wherewith Allah guides all who seek His good pleasure to ways of peace and safety, and leads them out of darkness, by His will unto the light - guides from to path that is straight."

Going back to the people in despair over their first failure in life mentioned the beginning of this article, they should not commit unislamic acts. They should analyse themselves or open themselves to self-criticism.
To a true Muslim, failure and success like misfortune and prosperity are mere opportunities to exercise his dormant capabilities. Now that we know that we have been created with a certain measure (taqdir) for a certain purpose, when we "Have I gone beyond my capabilities or taqdir?" For in Surah 2:286, it is stated that:

"On no, soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear."

We should also ask "Have I transgressed the law (taqdir) ordained by Allah for me in performing my functions. From these simple questions we might be able to figure out what actually is our own specific purpose, for which we have been created in this world. Knowing our specific purpose in this universe will help us to pursue our ambition in the right direction. We can only know this after several trails and tribulations. The world has produced many great men who succeeded through their very failures. In fact, between misfortune and prosperity, the latter is a more severe from of trial. The Quran warns us that it is prosperity and plenty that often turn man away from Allah and Surah 64:15 keeps reminding us that: -

"Your riches and your children are only a trial; but in the presence of Allah is the highest reward."

Taqdir which recognizes freedom of human will makes a man responsible and accountable for his deeds. It makes man the ruler of the universe, harnessing the forces of nature to the service of man, bringing peace on earth and promoting love between man and his fellow beings. Together with the belief in Allah, Angels, Prophets, Scriptures and Life after Death we are also ordered by Allah to believe in Taqdir or Premeasurement.

The belief constitute the Pillar of Faith or Iman essential for every muslim.

Thus concludes the series with a reminder from Surah 35:8:

"Is he, then, to whom the evil of his conduct is made alluring, so that he looks upon it as good (equal to one who is rightly guided ?)
For Allah leaves to stray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills. So let no your soul go out sighing after them: for Allah knows well all that they do!"

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