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Belief In Life After Death
NO. 6

In the same way that Muslim believe in God although they cannot see Him, we are slso required to believe in Life after Death, although no dead man has ever come back to tell us his story.
However in the Quran, in Surah 23: verses 99 and 100, and in many other chapters and verses, God has revealed to us what happens to those who have refused to believe:
"Until, when death approaches one to them, he says, "My Lord, send me bacl (to life), so that I may do right in that which I have left undone. "By no means. It is a mere word that he speaks. And behind them is a barrier (barzakh) until the day they are raised up."
From these two verses we can see that:

Physical & Spiritual Development
Thus our life is a continuous development of our physical and spiritual being. The Holy Quran has indicated the three stages of physical development namely the stages of dust or clay, embryo and birth. There are also three stages of spiritual development which can also be identified with the physical one thus:













We all know that we were created from dust or clay like our forefather, Adam. The clay contains the elements with which we will be moulded. This is the preparatory stage of our physical development. Surah 23:12 states:

Verses 13 and 14 the same Surah further indicates the formative stage of physical development thus;

And finally the verse shows us the fully developed human being in a new form, unlike the dust from which he was created: "… and then We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!"
In this developed staged, we are endowed with a body, a soul and mind, or in other words, physical and spiritual being and intellect. This is the most critical stage of our development for whatever physical action we commit on our fellow creatures and how we react to situations in this life on earth have a certain bearing on our spiritual development, which is very essential for the next step in our life as in verses 15 of the same Surah:
"After that, at length you will die."

Death, like dust in our physical development is only the beginning stage into a higher life. The fruits of our deeds in this world is immediately known to us as indicated by spiritual experience of evil one taken by death in verses 99 - 100 of Surah 23 at the beginning of this article.
Thus the virtues and vices we committed during our life on earth become, as it were, the elements for the next formative stage of our spiritual development - the grave or the intervening barzakh - like the embryo in the mother's womb during the physical development.

According to a Hadith transmitted by Bukhari and Muslim, Muhammad s.a.w. is reported by Abdullah bin Umar, as saying, "When a person dies, his abode among the inhabitants of paradise will be shown to him morning and evening if he is to be one of them; but if he is to be one inhabitants of hell. His abode among them will not be shown him. He will be told that this is his abode to which God will finally raise him on the day resurrection."
We have only a glimpse of the happening immediately after death - the reward and the punishment in the grave but there are yet many secrets beyond our perception like Surah 32:17:
"No person knows what is kept hidden from them of joy as a reward for what they used to do."

What resurrection means can be gauged from the various names under which it is referred to in the Holy Quran. The resurrection refers to a general destruction and a great awakening. The Holy Quran gives some vivid revelations on this great event in the following verses, which are found in the chapter entitled "The Awakening".

Thus this world could be likened to an examination hall where we are constantly being tested and the result will be shown immediately after death. And the basis of the test is our deeds. And how does God weigh our deeds? Through the intention behind the deeds. I have touched on life immediately after death in the grave and the resurrection when our deeds on earth will be put on the 'balance' and a just reward will await us. According to a Hadith transmitted by Bukhari the Holy Prophet said, "Allah says I have prepared for My righteous servants what no eyes has seen and no ear has heard, and what the mind of man has not conceived." "Furthermore, Ibn Abbas is reported to have said, "In Paradise there are no foods of this life except the names." The Resurrection brings a new life and a new order of things, a new heaven and a new earth. Our ideas of space and time on this earth cannot be applied to the next life. That also goes with man-woman relationship in the Hereafter. There is no sensuality now suggestion of procreation in Paradise. In fact on one can paint the exact picture of what the blessings in Heaven and the punishments in hell are as in Surah 32:17
No person know what delights of the eye are in store for them as a reward for their good deeds."

Dwellers of Paradise
Generally those whose good deeds outweigh the bad ones will have a place in Paradise. There are four classifications of people according to various spiritual experinces gained in this life, namely:-

Life in Hell
When death overtakes sinner before they repent, they will become the citizens of Hell,

Every man's Hell will take its shape according to his evil deeds ensuing from atheistic belief or polytheism, hypocrisy, base passion and evil practices, oppression of the innocent, sensuality and iniquity or vicious activities.
Like the heaven or paradise described in symbolic terms too is hell. A man's Hell is within his own heart as in Surah 104:4-9: