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Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam/The Muslim Welfare Organization Of Malaysia Rumah Seri Belian, Jalan Rodway, Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 082-253211 Fax: 082-235825
Contact at PERKIM

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In honor of lauching the website, I, Abdul Rashid J. Yamada would like to express my heartiest appreciation to PERKIM Bahagian Sarawak who supplied the annual and also HIKMAH(HQ), Japan Muslim Association and related associations for their cooperation and encouragement.

The publisher of this website, Abdul Rashid J. Yamada has been teaching Aikido, the Japanese art of self-defense in Malaysia since 1971.
He presides over ACADEMY AIKIDO JYUKU MALAYSIA AIKIKAI which is the organization recognized by the Malaysian Government, the AIKIKAI WORLD AIKIDO HEADQUATERS (Hombu Dojo, the official governing body of AIKIDO in Japan).
Those interested in Aikido, please visit our ACADEMY AIKIDO JYUKU MALAYSIA AIKIKAI Homepage.
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