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Hex Edited Lab Hex Edited Norns, with interesting pigments.
A Day in the Life of an Average Norn A Must see!
The Grendel Poll Do you like those lizardy things? My thoughs on C3 :)

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2001
*My sincere apologies for the widespread broken images, geocities shut down my mirror which had some very important images on it. When I can get around to updating the layout I will remove the broken images as well. I have also in this update taken out many broken links and things that are not nessesary.

Welcome to the improved version of Lilith's Norncare center. Actually it's just been framed given some more pictures to liven up the place is all. Oh well, I'm not here to talk about what I did to my page I'm here to talk about...well Creatures 2. NO Creatures 1 just Creatures 2 and maybe some Creatures one pics here or there but, it's basically Creatures 2. I'm going on aren't I? The newest page additions are posted up there.

Hey Everyone! meet Brittny! an open mouthed Pixie Norn *laughs* I love this pic.

isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Anyway, please do not use any of these images without my permission, some of them are mine and some aren't and others I don't know where they came from so if you want to use an image for your page please be polite and ask me first.

Now that all that is out please enjoy the new and improved Lilith's Norncare center! Questions, Comments, suggestions? go ahead and e-mail them to me!

This thing is from Creatures Adventures, it's called a Tickle it's sooo cute *hehehe*

Lilith's Weird Quote of the Week: When walking down the road called life, always stop to smell the flowers

*gasp* Cyberlife has opened a new website Creatures 3 still under construction last time I checked but they've got lots of stuff up still.

Looks high tech doesn't it? for screenshots Click Here

Hold on to your breath, cause here come the copyrights

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