Well well well, welcome to the information and images section!  This is the place where you can find...  yes, you guessed it, information in the forms of facts and bios, and images in the form of... er... um...  images!  Happy exploring!    

Nameksei-jin facts:  Sure you know that when a Saiya-jin with a tail glances at the full moon their power'll increase tenfold and they'll turn into a giant ape (Well, you know now), but what are some of the special things about the Nameksei-jin?  Come here to find out!

Nameksei-jin bios: Here's where you can (Eventually at least, heh... heh... ^^;) find bios on the Nameksei-jin characters in Dragonball, including Dende, Neru, Piccolo, and all the rest!  The only real requirement for this section is that the Nameksei-jin has a name...  any who, right now Neru's the only bio up, but there'll be more to come soon!  

Screenshots:  Here's where you can find all sorts of pictures of Nameksei-jin characters and places...  as of right now it consists mainly of screenshots, but hopefully someday I'll have something to scan in and put here as well... ^^; 

Manga Scans:  Well, okay, so they're scans from the graphic novels Viz makes, so they're the English translated equivalent of the manga...  At any rate, come take a peek at 'em if you wish!  ^^  There're some nice Nameksei-jin images to be found!