The Nameksei-jin biographies

Well, here it is, the very thing that made me want to start this site in the first place.  The biographies.  This section will more or less contain each Nameksei-jin character's life story, and tell what notable events they've participated in during the Dragonball series.  As such, they'll take a while to make, and they might change every once in awhile.  (Heck, there's almost always a chance I mess something up, or look at a finished one and say, "You can do a better job on that Crem...") I will try and put every little tidbit about these characters I can find, but some characters will obviously have more info.  The main reason I started this site was for characters like Dende, Neru, etc. etc., but even I have to acknowledge the fact that many of these characters weren't anywhere near being in every episode, so Piccolo's and Dende's bios will probably be larger than someone like Muuri's.   I might even make a much more precise, "which episodes they were in section."  But, if you came here, then I'm sure you don't want to read all this and would rather get right to the other characters.  So here goes nothing...  Click on the character's name to see the bio, original names are on the left, English dub names are on the right.

  (Obviously, this section contains spoilers.  On the chance you've never heard about the entire series, or if you just want to be surprised, you have been warned.)