Nameksei-jin Facts

Here they are, some facts about the Nameksei-jin.  Read, and let your mind swell with knowledge of the Nameksei-jin!  Well, okay, if you're already a huge Nameksei-jin fan you probably already know all this stuff, but for you newcomers and such...  enjoy!

* All the Nameksei-jin seen during the Freezer saga (With the exception of Piccolo) are children of the Saichoro.  The reason being is that awhile ago, as most of us know, there was a huge disaster on the Nameksei-jin planet.  With the exception of the Saichoro, every Nameksei-jin was killed, except for the original Piccolo, (The Nameksei-jin before Kami split into two) who was sent away by his father, who's name (No doubt I've botched this spelling) was Kattatsu.  Theoretically they're all children of the Saichoro during the other sagas as well, but who knows, I'm sure they had some more children in between then...

* Nameksei-jin are asexual.  They reproduce by spitting out an egg.  This is how the Saichoro was able to repopulate the planet even though he was the only Nameksei-jin left.  Incidentally, this also means that all Nameksei-jin have no gender. 

* Nameksei-jin can regenerate themselves, provided they still have their head. This obviously takes a lot of power, though.  It's actually only been performed (To my knowledge) by two fighter Nameksei-jin, Neru and Piccolo.  Does this mean Dende, for example, could regenerate?  Probably, but without proof I really can't say.

* Apparently there are two types of Nameksei-jin, fighter types, and well they're not specifically called healer types, but that is apparently what they (Or at least Dende) can do.  Personally, I still think a Nameksei-jin like Dende can fire a Ki blast if he learned how, and it's never really stated what kind of Nameksei-jin someone like Muuri is, even though he used ki blasts to destroy some scouters.  Still, it seems there are definitely some Nameksei-jin who have a talent for it (Piccolo, Neru, and some of those Nameksei-jin that get clobbered by Freezer come to mind) and some don't.  Then again, Muuri is the eldest Nameksei-jin after the Saichoro dies, so perhaps he is a fighter Nameksei-jin that's just really old.  To add to the fun, there's members of the dragon race, which apparently Dende, Piccolo/Kami and the Saichoro is, since they have the ability to make Dragonballs.  Actually, all Nameksei-jin may be able to do this.  I'm not going to go stating a fact without proof, but it seems tangible.

* Nameksei-jin can live for a much longer time than Saiya-jin or normal humans can.  I'd make a ballpark estimate at a thousand, but I just can't remember how old the Saichoro is/was.  Still, Kami is pretty old, though I can't remember just how old. 

* Nameksei-jin can indeed eat, even though Dende once states that they only drink water.  The reason is that they have a respect for plants.  Also, unlike most creatures, they don't need to eat.  (Kind of interesting if you think about it on one end there are the Saiya-jin (Let's eat the world!) and on the other, you have the Nameksei-jin.)  I have heard that some Nameksei-jin have eaten on occasion, although the only specific time I've seen it is when Piccolo's eaten a Senzu bean.  Still, that seals it right there, after all if he didn't have any way to digest solid food than the Senzu bean shouldn't heal him and restore his power, right?

* Nameksei (The planet the Nameksei-jin live on, obviously) has three suns and never has any night.  I think New Nameksei is the same way, but I can't remember, and it may not have been mentioned.  

And that's about all of the odd facts I can think of concerning the Nameksei-jin right about now.  If I've made a mistake then please don't hesitate to contact me, although if it is changing one of the facts I won't accept it without some kind of proof.  Point out a specific event in an episode, for example.  If I think or learn any more facts they  will be included in future updates.