This is NOT an official Amway webpage.

This website will expose the inaccuracy of the information available on the official Amway Corporation website. We have copied their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and added out own comments. As you will quickly notice, most of what they say are lies. Amway questions and the answers are colored blue. Our comments are in red.

FAQ 27

What role do books, tapes, and meetings play in the Amway business?

Many distributors have found that these materials can be helpful in teaching them how to build an Amway business.

Help, I'm drowning in trash.

Let us have a look at what the books tapes and meetings can teach you.

Distributor leaders are successful leaders and managers of large businesses. Some have thousands of other distributors in their organization, spread around the country or even around the world. As business managers, it's their responsibility to educate and motivate those other independent business owners. Of course, it's also in their own interest to help them succeed.

"Of course, it's also in their own interest to help them succeed." If this is the case, then why are they selling their worthless tapes at inflated prices. No-one benefits from these tapes as no-one is shown how to sell. No money - no funny.

Business books, tapes, and seminars can be effective education and motivation tools by learning from those who have already succeeded in the Amway business. ( Read a copy of "Fake It Till You Make It" and see how succesful these people really are.) In most cases, this is the most efficient way to communicate with large numbers of people spread across a broad area. ( never heard of email ?) These mediums of learning (books, tapes, and seminars) are by no means unique to the Amway business. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies use these same mediums to train and motivate their employees.

Scamway loves to bring the Fortune 500 List into arguments. It is of course, totally irrelevant. How many of the Fortune 500 charge their staff for the tapes and books. A professional trainer I know said that training should be one of the last resorts in a business and not a motivational or problem solving concept.

FAQ 28

How does income from selling books, tapes, and seminars compare to that from selling products?

Because distributors produce and sell their own business support materials, we don't know how much they make from them.

Who said "If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one." It is well documented that the senior Amway system leaders make approximately two thirds of their income from the sale of business support materials. According to the Hart lawsuit against Amway and Yager (et al, 1997), Dexter Yager makes forty million dollars a year from the sale of "business support materials", representing almost three quarters of his annual income.

Remember that the next time someone says "we don't make money unless you make money".

PS, have you heard of Dexter Yager's book "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream". My husband calls it "Don't Let Anyone Steal My Scheme".

FAQ 29

Is buying books and tapes and attending meetings required to be an Amway distributor?

No. Distributors are free to choose whether or not they wish to purchase these materials. Distributors should purchase these materials only if they believe these materials will assist them in building a more successful and profitable Amway business. Amway encourages distributors who choose to buy these materials to monitor their expenditures and time commitments to ensure they are in line with the size and growth of their Amway business.

"The tools are optional, but so is success" is a frequently used bit of jargon that is used to get you to buy the tools.

You will not get assistance from your upline unless you are "core" which means that you buy the tapes and books at a higher rate than the average.

Consider the following if someone is trying to convince you that there is no money in the tape and books business. You are not allowed (in effect) to buy from distributors other than your upline. Amway stopped former distributors selling tapes and books on eBay (the online auction). You can not buy bulk lots of books for your group and sell them cheaper than the regular prices.

Many distributors have found these materials to be helpful in building their business, and thus encourage their sponsored distributors to buy these materials. However, participation in any training system or any purchase of business support materials is always voluntary.

It is not voluntary. You will not get any help unless you sign up for the system tools.

In addition, Amway Rules of Conduct require distributors who sell these materials to offer a six-month return policy.

I know someone who was unable to return tapes and books until he threatened to go to the local television network with the story. Hey presto - instant refund.

FAQ 30

What is Amway's philosophy on making political contributions?

Like any individual or group in the United States, Amway has a legal right to contribute to political candidates or parties. There are established rules for this, and we follow them.

Amway is a privately held corporation whose owners share the U.S. Republican Party's views on free enterprise, personal freedom, and personal responsibility. For decades, Amway's founders have consistently supported Republican initiatives. To them, participation in the political process is not just their legal right, but an important obligation in U.S. society.

In 1995, Amway Corporation contributed US$2.5 million to underwrite the cost of a new broadcast center at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA. In 1996, the company gave an additional US$1.3 million to support the organization and promotion of the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego, California, USA.

The broadcast center assists Americans by informing them of options and choices on a variety of issues. The convention performed a similar service by exposing the American public to Republican leaders and party positions on issues that affect our daily lives.

Like almost all U.S.-based companies, Amway believes that informed citizens make better decisions, and that as a responsible corporate citizen we have both a right and an obligation to participate in the U.S. political process.

The why has the Amway Corporation commandeered the computers belonging to its critics. Ken Lowndes ran for office primarily on an anti Amway platform. Amway is at forefront of US corporate censorship and has been for some time.

In fact, the DeVos and Van Andel families encourage all citizens to participate in the political process and support the candidates of their choice.

The DeVos and Van Andel families never speak at Yager or Britt rallies to our knowledge, certainly not on a regular basis. Don't expect to rise to the top of an Amway motivational group if you don't follow their line of thinking.

Trivia Question, What Michigan city was visited by George W Bush in the few days before the elections. I am sure you can figure that one out.

FAQ 31

Did Amway resolve its disagreement with the Canadian government?

This has been resolved for many years - it's old news now.

In 1979, a dispute surfaced between Amway and Revenue Canada over a complex customs issue. We made a mistake in this matter and acknowledged it. Canada was Amway's first international market. We were growing at a rate of more than 60%. We were inexperienced in dealing with the complexities of international business and customs practices. And Amway had no intention to evade taxes.

Court records state otherwise … (Quoted from Amway Untold Story website).

"The judge explicitly rejected the claim that the non-payment of duties was due to misunderstandings and bad advice. The act was perpetrated, he said, as part of a policy designed to defeat the customs laws. This policy entailed elaborate techniques of camouflage that were in his judgement clearly designed to conceal and mislead. In the judge's terms, the submission of hundreds of false invoices and dummy price lists, along with the establishment of a dummy corporation, were steps in a 'sophisticated fraud.' "

Today, we are a successful global company with the experience and knowledge that comes with operating in some 80 countries and territories worldwide. We have a healthy, growing business in Canada today, partly because we have learned from our past mistakes.

And partly because Amway made a deal with the Canadian Government that allowed Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos to avoid extradition to Canada. These men are criminals.

"On November 10, 1983, before Chief Justice Evans of the Supreme Court of Ontario, the Amway Corporation and Amway of Canada Ltd. pleaded guilty to charges of criminal fraud and paid a C$25,000,000 fine, the largest ever imposed in Canada. The crime was tax evasion. The Canadian court upheld the government's claim that by means of fake and fictitious invoices and price lists and the creation of a dummy corporation, the Amway companies had defrauded Canada out of amounts in excess of C$28,000,000. "

What was the result of the Canadian case?

It was resolved in the 1980s through payment of fines to the Canadian government.

But what they fail to say is that the fine was "the largest sum that a Canadian court ever levied and one of the heaviest criminal penalties ever imposed against any corporation in the world".

They don't call it Scamway for nothing.

"Amway - The Untold Story" covers this case in minute detail, and gives a comparison of the facts with the story Amway told at the time. No wonder Amway was so keen to close down the website.

FAQ 33

Is it true that you don't have to sell, just buy the products for yourself and recruit others to do the same?

The simple fact is, you can't make money in the Amway business unless AMWAY products are sold. To say it otherwise would be misrepresenting the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan - a violation of our rules. If we hear about claims like this, we take steps to correct them.

More garbage. Amway consistently ignores that fact that its main distributors make the majority of their income from the sale of non-Amway Business Support Material in direct contravention of the published rules. We were constantly told to inform new prospects that they did not have to sell.

"If a prospect asks, 'Do we have to sell anything?', ask them if they like to sell. If they say 'Yes', tell them 'Great, you will love this business'. If they say 'No', tell them 'Great, you will love this business.' "

( Paraphrased - based on several quotes on training tapes.)

FAQ 34

How do AMWAY products rank in comparative tests?

AMWAY products are rated very favorably for performance in various tests around the world.

We are proud of our products and our commitment to research and development. Unlike other direct selling companies that use outside contractors to develop and manufacture most, if not all, of their products, we have our own extensive R&D and manufacturing facilities and make major investments each year in this area. We currently own more than 200 patents worldwide, and we currently employ more than 600 R&D professionals working in 98 labs.

Consumers are the ultimate judges of product quality. They may buy a product once, but if its quality and value don't measure up, they probably won't buy it again. Amway's own consumer research and sustained global success show that consumers think our products are top rate.

The Amway - Untold Story website lists a very good price and quality comparison that shows the inaccuracy of this statement. One neighbor of mine used to always say how little he had spent on household goods since they joined Amway. For some odd reason he did not ever include the cost of the Amway products when he was bragging about his budget. It was like he thought the products appeared magically and without cost.

FAQ 35

What does Amway see as the role of women in the Amway business?

The Amway business opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of sex, race, age, religion, or political or other personal beliefs. The Amway business appeals to women, men, couples, and families from all backgrounds.

Amway has helped to empower millions of women around the world by offering them a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to achieve their goals by owning their own business. This fact is especially gratifying to us. There are countless examples of single women who have achieved success in the Amway business, just as there are of women who have succeeded in partnership with their spouses.

Get real Amway, who is writing this trash for you. The attitude to women as I saw it in the Yager system is medieval and I refuse to accept that you are not aware of it. Tape after tape, book after book, rally after rally spoke about the "role of women" in the most condescending and patronizing way. Britt is no better than Yager and between them they control the vast majority of Amway's business. It would not be so bad if these two idiots were bums drinking in a bar, but when senior businessmen preach this pretentious nonsense to a cultish audience, then the scale of abuse is frightening. A close relative of mine walked out of a rally when she found the speaker's justification for wife beating too much to bear.

Nor will I accept that all religions are allowed in the major Amway distributorships. Atheism in practically forbidden and there is constant pressure to attend the church services laid on by the diamonds.

"Families from all backgrounds", try gay. In spite of legislation protecting gay rights, there is a constant flow of offensive outburst from Amway uplines who disapprove of the lifestyle. I met one man who was unable to remain in his Amway group because of his homosexuality. Another pointed out that critics or quitters are often branded as "gay" like it would discredit their evidence. I am actually surprized that there are not more protests from Gay Rights groups against Amway.

FAQ 36

Is Amway's business continuing to grow?

Yes. There remain many opportunities for Amway's business to grow.

Many new markets have been opened in the past decade - over 25 since 1990. Continued development in these markets will fuel long-term growth.

Amway will also continue to explore new opportunities for growth in well established markets, including E-Commerce, innovative products, and new ways for people to become involved with Amway - as business owners, product retailers, or consumers.

Right now, Amway is investing in enhancing and expanding manufacturing and distribution facilities to support the growth we expect in the coming decades. The prospects for growth remain strong.

This is pure nonsense - Amway sales have been falling for the last two years. Notice how they evaded the question by stating potential growth rather than hard statistics.

Why should you be concerned with overseas growth when your business is in only one country.

As for E-Commerce, Amway's online sales company Quixtar had a pathetic first year and I can not see any reason for it to improve in the near future.


Amway is a massive fraud. Glossy brochures, fancy videos and big rallies will not change that fact. Please print out this site and show it to anyone who wants to deceive you with their lies. Please copy and paste the following letter and then email it to everyone you know.

Dear friends,

I am writing to warn you about some of the dangers involved in the Amway business. Amway is a pyramid scheme based on its motivational organizations selling worthless training and motivational courses. Millions of dollars are stolen yearly by these support groups.

Amway is a major supporter of right-wing religious extremists, and their bigoted ideas are promoted at Amway meetings. These groups regard women as inferior and constantly lecture against atheists, homosexuals, and working mothers.

Amway is a major sponsor of rightwing political groups.

Anti-cult authorities are concerned with the effect that Amway has on families. Amway groups will try and cut distributors off from their families unless they join the scheme. Amway's leading distributor said " If your friends don't join, get new friends." Senior distributors preach against watching TV or reading newspapers.

Amway abuses the legal system to silence its critics. Anti-Amway websites have been closed down and TV programs have been censored. Online sales of books criticising Amway have been blocked.

Amway is trying to swamp the internet with "positive" information about the company.

Amway flouts the laws that require retail sales, and has turned itself into an illegal buyers club.

Amway annual sales reports are fake and based on non-existent retail sales.

Please pass this warning on to all your friends family and neighbors.

Boycott Amway.


Do you want to help prevent further abuse of the Free Enterprize system.

Please copy and paste the above letter and email it to all your friends and family.

If you speak another language please translate it and then forward to friends in your ethnic group.

Post a copy on your favorite internet newsgroups.

Print out a copy and put it on the notice board at your office, church, or sports club.

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