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This website will expose the inaccuracy of the information available on the official Amway Corporation website. We have copied their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and added out own comments. As you will quickly notice, most of what they say are lies. Amway questions and the answers are colored blue. Our comments are in red.

1. How does a person become an Amway distributor?

A person must be sponsored into the Amway business by an active Amway distributor. The sponsoring distributor is responsible for teaching the new distributor about the Amway business.

Then why don't they teach new distributors how to build an Amway sales business, rather than channeling them in to the motivational pyramid scheme. I have been to all day long events where the word Amway was not mentioned once. I mean that literally : the word "Amway" was not said from start to finish during the entire day. How can this be training. Nor were "sales" mentioned - it was always assumed that we knew the facts - we were the "Buy from ourselves" people.

2. Is it expensive to start an Amway business?

No. The low initial startup cost of the Amway Opportunity Kit makes this business accessible to virtually everyone. The literature portion of the Opportunity Kit is the only required purchase to become an Amway distributor.

Stating the start-up cost is a waste of time. We all know how cheap it is to join Amway. But if you analyze it carefully, you will notice that the ongoing cost is very high and can work out to several thousand dollars a year for an active couple. As most people join within an Amway motivational organisation, they are very quickly advized that they must use the books, tapes and seminars to succeed.

3. How do distributors earn income?

Distributors earn income several ways. First, they can earn a profit on the retail sales of products they purchase at distributor cost. They also earn bonuses based on these sales and the sales of those they sponsor and train.

This answer totally ignores the fact that the only people making serious money are the few dozen people running the motivational businesses. It is idiotic to suggest that distributors can make a profit on sales when SALES DO NOT TAKE PLACE. The entire "buy from your own store" pitch is illegal, costly, and unprofitable. Don't bother saying that you save money either. Even with a distributor discount you still pay very high prices. Similarly - no sales means no bonuses.

4. Are Amway distributors employees of the company?

No. Amway distributors are independent business owners.

Who are they trying to fool. Let's look at the facts of an "Independent Business Owner."

Independent - Distributors are not independent. They are totally under the control of their senior upline and will be abandoned if they start asking the wrong questions. They pay for a barrage of pseudointellectual books tapes and seminars that takes away the last vestige of individuality they might have retained.

Business. Doesn't anyone understand the stupidity of calling Amway members "distributors". If they are only in to "Buy from ourselves" then they are not distributors. It is not a business to joins a sales club, then try and get other people to join so that you make money. That is a pyramid scheme.

(Ever wonder why some Diamonds arrange tax advisors for their flock?. Maybe a more reputable advisor would see through the nonsense.)

Owner - If there is no business then you do not own anything. Have a look at some of the websites that ridicule the whole IBO argument, including many that have official tax office and court rulings on the lack of profit motive in the Amway business.

FAQ 5, 6, 7 and 9 briefly cover the type of products, the factory location, a phone contact for Amway, and the date of the company's startup.


Is Amway publicly or privately owned?

Amway Corporation is privately held by the DeVos and Van Andel families. Two of its sister companies, Amway Asia Pacific Ltd., and Amway Japan Limited, are publicly traded.

Quixtar, the other "Sister Company" is not included in the above answer. Perhaps this is embarrassment on Amway's part due to Quixtar's miserable first year in business.

FAQ 10

Who leads the company today?

Steve Van Andel, son of Jay Van Andel, is Chairman. Dick DeVos, son of Rich DeVos, is President. Together, they lead the corporation under the direction of the Amway Policy Board, which includes Amway's co-founders and their other children.

FAQ 11

Do distributors have to make minimum purchases?

No. Amway distributors are not required to make any minimum or ongoing purchases. And if a distributor decides to leave the business, Amway will purchase back any unused, currently marketable AMWAY products and literature.

There is no minimum purchase requirement, yet the pressure to buy all your household items from Amway is unrelenting. Part of this pressure comes from the expectation and coercion that you will pass the next PV level. Many distributors spend large amounts to gain a small discount. It is "false economy" in its purist form. You are admonished not to use any "negative products" ( i.e. non-Amway) and encouraged to throw them out when you sign up.

FAQ 12

I've heard rumors that Amway is a cult. Is this true?

No, Amway Corporation is a business and, similar to other large and established companies, has a distinct environment defined by shared business goals. Shared business philosophies should not be misinterpreted as a cult.

Only an fool would consider "shared business goals" as being evidence of a cult. But some of the cult style activities I remember were …

The above 2 are the only ones I personally noticed, cult specialists list several other activities. It is important to remember that anti-cult authorities include businesses among the possible types of cult - a group does not need to be openly religious to be a cult.

As a group of companies with fiscal 1999 sales of $5 billion at estimated retail that manufacture and distribute quality products and services, Amway offers a business opportunity that is open to all, regardless of religious beliefs, race or gender. Amway really is a microcosm of the world, with more than 3 million entrepreneurs worldwide representing nearly every culture, ethnic background, and political and religious belief finding in the Amway business a way to meet their goals.

This paragraph does not answer the cult allegations.

While unique as individuals, Amway distributors share a desire to succeed in a business of their own and recognize Amway as an excellent opportunity to achieve their goals. New distributors receive training, motivation and support in building independent businesses, and are rewarded for their achievements.

This paragraph does not answer the cult allegations.

A close look at Amway will reveal that any reference to Amway as a cult is incorrect

FAQ 13

Why do Amway meetings appear to some people like a cult?

Amway meetings are full of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement - just like most sales motivation meetings - because this is a proven way to motivate people to sell AMWAY products and build their businesses by sponsoring others. Some people aren't accustomed to that. Yet, most successful companies know that enthusiastic meetings increase morale and boost results in any sales force. This enthusiasm motivates our distributors to help and support one another, and that builds sales.

"Sales meetings" ?. Get real. When did you ever hear sales mentioned at a rally run by the Amway system leaders. I always thought the best way to boost results in a sales force was to actually sell something.

Amway distributors are like most sales people. They know that their enthusiasm can be spread - that it builds the confidence you need to succeed in any selling job. That is one big reason why Amway distributors are so optimistic and upbeat.

Selling, selling, selling. They just keep repeating themselves over and over again in the hope that you will believe them. How many times must we say it, Amway people DO NOT SELL. It is not a sales business any more.

It is very stupid to ask Amway if they are a cult and then expect an honest answer. Check out what some cult authorities say about the Amway motivational organisations. Two experts worth researching are Steve Hassan and Rick Ross. Both are reputable cult experts.

See for more details.

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