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Rune Reading: Elemental Spread

I just received the second set of Runes stones that have been made for me. The first was a gift, made of wood. The second is one that I purchased - they were made of rose quartz crystal, a crystal that resonates highly with me. It is with this second set of stones that I will be doing this reading. They are a lovely pink color, well matched in size with gold lettering.

The spread that I chose to use,Elemental Spread , is technically not a Rune spread - it is a spread that I have adopted from my Tarot work. I like it, because it speaks to all of the parts of our life, as represented by the elements. I read it as a five point spread, with the positions defined as follows:


3 5 1


1. East/Fire/Spirit
2. South/Water/Emotional
3. West/Earth/Physical
4. North/Air/Mental
5. Center - Self (affected by all four of the elemental positions)

The question that I chose to ask, with Samhain coming on (this was written in mid-October - Samhain is the Wiccan New Year) was: "What forces would be in my life in the new year (2004)." I work from the principle that if I know what basic fores will be there, I can make adjustments to manifest what I wish in my life, so knowing what the forces are is very important to me.

I drew the following Runes:

1. Teiwaz
2. Thurisaz
3. Gebo
4. Fehu (reversed)
5. Sowelu

Teiwaz is the Warrior, or the Sky God. It is the Rune of the Spiritual Warrier, and has found its home in the position of Spirit. The new year will be a time for me to cut away from my life that which no longer serves me. I need to look within for my path, and have the courage to follow it.

Thurisaz is the Gateway, the place of non-action. This Rune indicates that there is inner and outer work to be done, and its place in the spread indicates that my child-like self, my "inner child", will come to the fore in the next year. This Runic Gateway is the Gateway to Spirit, to evolving as an individual. My next year is a time of waiting, while transformations begin from deep within.

Gebo speaks of partnership, of a gift. This can be partnership with another person, or it can be a spiritual partnership with myself. This has fallen in the position of physical action in this spread. The actions that I take within the next year need to be made after taking into consideration all of the partnerships within my life.

Fehu (reversed) speaks of possessions and of nourishment. In the reversed position, it speaks of a time of frustration. The implication is that the abundance in my life will dissipate before my very eyes. I do not need to panic - because I know what the force is, I can control it. This force is exhibiting itself in the elemental position of Air, which governs the mental realm of my life. Clearly from the other cards, 2004 will be a year of growth and transformation for me. Much of this will happen on an inner level, so that the year will not be one of intense action, it will be more of a year of introspection. If I remind myself to be "OK" with this non-action, I will be balanced and centered in my life.

Sowelu speaks of wholeness, life force and the energy of the sun. What a wonderful Rune to draw in the position of Spirit for my next year! I must follow a path of balance and regeneration in 2004.

Now is the time for each of you to do your readings for the New Year - whenever you deem that to be for you.

If you wish to purchase a set of Runes like the ones that I worked with for this article, you can contact my friend Winter Wren through her site, Tarot Box.

Thank you for visiting my Rune page. May your day be Blessed.

Mitakuye Oyasin - For All Of Our Relations.

October 2003
Bonnie Cehovet

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