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Rune Magick - Part 1

Rune Magick - Part 1

Rune Magic - do I ever like the sound of those words! They sweep me into a world of profound magic and mystery, a world where I have the power to manifest whatever I want with the focus of my intention. Actually, in my world this is Rune Magick - as in High, or ritual Magick, not the Magic of stage magicians, which, for all of its visual wonder, is actually based on redirection or misdirection of attention. Stage Magic has its place, but not in the world of manifesting goals and connecting with ancient wisdom.

There are several ways in which we can work Rune Magick. One way is through the use of inscription. Through the writing of an inscription using the Runic alphabet, we bring to life the intensity of the meaning behind the words - writing empowers them. We start to work with the sounds attached to the symbols, which have a vibrational quality all of their own.

Another way of entering the world of Rune Magick is through writing Rune scripts - lines of Rune symbols or words. The first thing to do here is to determine a goal - something that you wish to bring about. The next thing to do is to determine the energies that you will need to help you reach that goal. The energies that you need are contained within the Runes. Write the Runes out - either with symbol or with text. This becomes a script that you can use for ritual or meditation to help you reach your goal.

Another way of entering into the world of Runic Magick is through the use of Bindrunes. This is probably the most focused of all magickal techniques. It can be done by anyone, but takes thought, intent, purpose - and the willingness to focus intently on where you are and where you are going. Bindrunes are two or more Runes that have been joined together in some manner - the can be placed side by side, or joined to make a single Rune. Bindrunes are often used today as a means of creating a magickal sigel that incorporates several Runes at once. One thing to watch here is that in connecting Runes, you do not "create" a Rune whose purpose/energy is at odds with your purposes.

The use of inscription, scripts or Bindrunes is a sacred activity. It honors the intent of the ancient voices that the Runes represent, and takes you into their world. Walk in this world pure of heart and intent.

In Part 2, we will look at ways in which we can use the above techniques to empower out lives.

Thank you for visiting my Rune pages. May your day be Blessed.

Mitakuye Oyasin - For All Of My Relations.

(c) September 2003
Bonnie Cehovet

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