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The Crystal Gate - Tarot

The Crystal Gate - Tarot

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New Year's Runic Reading 2003

What wonderful new energies can we expect to see in the year 2003? I decided to do a general reading, using the Runes. I read them in linear fashion, from left to right. The positions are defined as follows, with my interpretation following that. You may wish to draw your own Runes, and do a reading specifically based on your life. The wisdom is there for the asking. :)

1. What energies are carrying over from 2002?
2. What energies need to be released?
3. What new energies are coming in?
4. In what manner can we nurture these new energies?
5. In what manner will the new energies act as a "shadow", or challenge?
6. What is the "outcome" of the combination of these energies?

I drew the following Runes from a stone Rune set:

1. Hagalz
2. Sowelu
3. Wunjo (reversed)
4. Mannaz
5. Thurisaz
6. Berkana (reversed)

Hagalz is the destructive forces of nature - this is the energy that carries over from 2002. This Rune also represents things that are out of our control. The way that we work with Hagalz is through learning to accept what "is" - often through the powers of meditation.

Sowelu represents the Sun, from which all life comes. As a lesson in letting go, perhaps we need to release our need to control our whole environment. The way that we can work to release the ties with Sowelu is to make the attempt to become one with All Of Our Relations - to see ourselves as part of a whole, and, as such, dependent on the good of all.

Wunjo (reversed) represents the new energies coming in with the new year. Wunjo speaks of Joy, but it also refers to a lack of need and a lack of pain. Wunjo is all about knowing where we are in the present, understanding the past that got us here and experiencing joy to the point of Bliss. In a reversed position, Wunjo indicates that in some way we are not seeing the abundance around us, or are not allowing ourselves to celebrate what Universe has gifted us with. Meditating on acceptance will help right the energies of Wunjo in 2003.

Mannaz shows us the manner in which we can nurture the energies of Wunjo. Mannaz speaks of the nature of humankind. The individual self being recognized as part of the collective conscience of humanity is what is indicated here. Personal reflection and meditation is indicated here, especially as to what each individual can do to help the community as a whole. What a wonderful energy to nurture the acknowledgment of Joy in ones life!

In Thurisaz we find the challenge to the energies of Wunjo. Thurisaz is a "gateway", or a place of non-action. Through Thurisaz we see reflected back to us our "shadow selves" - the negative side of our nature. The challenge is to come to understand and release our shadow sides, so that we can express the joy in our lives. In your mind, go through the steps that got you to where you are now. Do not judge them - merely acknowledge them. In our ability to release our shadow selves, we will find the path to Joy in our lives.

Berkana (reversed) represents the outcome of the above energies combined. Berkana is all about personal growth. In the reversed position, we are in some way blocking our own personal growth, refusing to move out of our comfort zones and move forward in life. The manner in which we can resolve the reversal of Berkana is to meditate on how we can move forward in our lives. We learn to flow with the patterns in our lives.

Many Blessings into each of your New Year's. Thank you for visiting my Rune pages.

December 2002
Bonnie Cehovet

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