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The Medicine Wheel - East


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The Medicine Wheel - Balancing Our Lives

Thank you for joining me on my journey of enlightenment - the Fool's Journey through life. In the first column in this series I introduced the concept of the Medicine Wheel. In this column we will continue looking at what each of the directions has to offer us in balancing our lives.

First of all - let us take a look at the term Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is the circle of knowledge that puts our lives back into balance - that gives us the power of choice and direction.

The Medicine Wheel is a universal source of power - available to anyone who wishes to study it and implement it into their lives. It is to be approached with humbleness, a great sense of purpose - and a willingness to "do the work" necessary to take the knowledge to the core of your self.

Let us continue our adventure!

The direction of the East represents spirituality and enlightenment. The direction of South was our beginning of knowing who the "self" is. The direction of the West deepened this knowing through dreams and visions of the future.

The quality embraced by the East is that of enlightenment. Through the East we begin to see where we are - we have an inner knowing that comes from our understanding that we are united as one with all things. Here we find the courage to extend our visions - to see the broader picture of our lives. Here we learn perspective.

The totem of the East is the Eagle. The Eagle soars high and has the ability to see great distances. Eagle receives inspiration from Great Spirit, and brings balance into our lives.

The element of the East is Fire. Fire is the radiant energy of transformation. Fire contains the great power of expansion.

The color of the East is yellow. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, and brings us the energy of adventure.

The Kingdom associated with the East is the Human Kingdom. Here we see the dual nature of man - child of earth reflecting the immortal being of Great Spirit.

The time period of the East is momentary. The power of a moment lies in the quality of that moment - that is why it is important to live "in" the moment.

The season of the East is Spring. Spring is the awakening of new life. It is becoming aware of what lies within ourselves and what lies outside of ourselves. Use the time of the East to see where you are headed in your life.

Please join me next week for a continuation of the discussion of the Medicine Wheel.

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