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Thank you for joining me on my journey of enlightenment - the Fool's Journey through life.

In the first column in this series I introduced the concept of the Medicine Wheel. In this column we will continue looking at what each of the directions has to offer us in balancing our lives.

First of all - let us take a look at the term Medicine Wheel. For our purposes, Medicine means power - a vital energy force that can be drawn from and directed, and wholeness. The Medicine Wheel is the circle of knowledge that puts our lives back into balance - that gives us the power of choice and direction.

The Medicine Wheel is a universal source of power - available to anyone who wishes to study it and implement it into their lives. It is to be approached with humbleness, a great sense of purpose - and a willingness to "do the work" necessary to take the knowledge to the core of your self.

Let us begin our adventure!

The direction of South was our beginning of knowing who the "self" is. The direction of the West deepens this knowing through dreams and visions of the future. The direction of the East is the direction of internal knowing - knowledge of self.

The quality embraced by the North is knowledge and wisdom. This is the sense of understanding that one gains through living - through personal experience. Wisdom comes from applying this knowledge to our lives in a meaningful manner.

The totem of the North is the Buffalo. Buffalo energy is that of abundance - in supporting the sustaining of life through the giving of itself for food, clothing and more, and of prayer - the giving of thanks for all that has been received.

The element of the North is Air. Air is movement and freedom - the clearing of thoughts and the carrier that allows us to manifest our dreams. Air represents the mind.

The color of the North is White - that of balance and purity - the combination of all colors. White represents ones highest aspirations.

The Kingdom associated with the North is the Animal Kingdom. We learn from the soul of animals in two ways - by watching how they interact with their environment, and by allowing them to connect with us on a soul level.

The time period of the North is the Future. We create our future in many ways - by the decisions we have made and actions we have taken in the past, by how we interact in the present, and by what we are destined to do with those future energies.

The season of the North is Winter - a time of preparation and regeneration.

Use the time of the North to find your soul's purpose for this lifetime.

Thank you for visiting my world. May your day be Blessed.

(c) Bonnie Cehovet 2000

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