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Three Rune Spread

Three Rune Spread

I thought that it might be interesting to show how an actual Rune Spread can be applied to any situation. I chose to use a three Rune spread, defining the positions as:

1. The energy of the situation/issue.
2. What energy challanges the situation/issue?
3. What energy helps/supports the situation/issue?
I keep my Runes in a small, gray drawstring bag (actually, this is the bag that they came in, and it seems "right" for them). After mixing them up, I drew the following (another way of doing this is to place the Runes, face side down, on a table or cloth and mix them up):

1. The Blank Rune (Some readers do not use this Rune, as it is a recent permutation of Rune reading. Personally - I find that it has its place.)
2. Jera (I like this Rune - there is no reversed meaning!)
3. Berkana

The Rune representing the situation is the Blank Rune. The Blank Rune, as defined in "The Book Of Runes", Ralph Blum, St. Martin's Press, 1993, is the Unknowable, the Divine, Odin the All Father. This to me is the shaman's death - the letting go of old ways so that a new life may begin, with new ways. This is that point in the circle of infinity where ending/new beginnings fall. For me, this would also indicate that the issue at hand was of a more spiritual than physical, or mundane process.

The energy that challanges is that of Jera, defined as Harvest, Fertile Season and One Year. This is interesting as a challange, because it refers to beneficial outcomes. The challange for the querant is to accept the good that is coming into their lives - to accept the change and grow with it. No quick results are going to happen here - one must continue to feed energy into the creative process. Have faith that the process is working for you.

The energy that supports/assists is that of Berkana, defined as Growth, Rebirth and Birch Tree. This is the energy that the querant can call on to help them acheive their goals in this situation. This Rune refers to spiritual growth, as well as growth of activities in the mundane, physical world. Berkana asks of us that we not resist the flow of our life, that we need to be clear about "why" we are taking action. There is a need for the clearing out of doubts and fears from our lives.

This reading is talking aobut spiritual growth, about the need for change in the querants life, and the need for the querant to align him/herself with Spirit and trust in the outcome. Very nice energies here.

Thank you for visiting my Runes pages.

May your day be Blessed.

(c) June 2002
Bonnie Cehovet

Personal Lifestyle Reading - I offer a Personal Lifestyle Reading using Tarot that looks at past, present and future influences in your life, at the energies that are currently available to help you along your path, and at those energies that are appearing as challanges. My goal is to offer you insight into your decision making process, as well as tools that you can use to both better understand your path and make conscious, choice centered decisions.

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