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Runes, Alphabet Of Mystery

Runes, Alphabet Of Mystery

Runes, Alphabet Of Mystery is a wonderfully comprehensive site on Runes, their history, use and lore. Under "Runes and Divination", we are intriduced to the Runes, thier origins and meanings, as well as their use.

One of the biggest controversy's in the field of Runic Divination is the relatively recent usage of the Blank Rune. Since that was how I first learned Runes, I find it acceptable, while acknowledging that it would not be used by a true Rune caster.

Two sections here I find both relevant and respectful of this system. (Sorry - I can't think of another way to write that!) These are the pronunciation guide and the basic layouts. Spoken word carries vibrations with it - so for heavens sake pronounce it right! The layouts (spreads) act as a base for individual work. In other words - get the feel of the Runes using proven layouts, then work into divising your own. Show respect for the system.

There is an interesting section here on Runes and the Tarot. My background is in Tarot, and I have always felt that Tarot and Runes should stand alone - that they were a *make fit* when either was overlaid over the other.

While not appealing to me - this might to you: take a peek at the unique section on Runic tatoos presented here. :)

The next section presented is a major work - and not often included on basic Rune sites. Wonderful work has been done here in "Mythology, Poetry and Saga" in presenting Runic poems (ancient and new) and Norse mythology. Here we get a much better look at what the Runes can mean, and how they can work in our lives. I cannot say enough good things about this section - come and feast your soul here. :)

In "Runes and Magic" we see the relationship between groups of Runes through the work of D. Jason Cooper. We are also privy to information on how to use Runic *Magic* in our lives - much the same as a Tarot reader uses that divination tool to work with archetypal energies. This section also works with the shamanistic aspects of Rune work.

Also included in this site is information on large Rune stones, cave markings from the Bronze and Iron Age, links to other Runic websites, a reading list and reference section. This is a site that is well worth many return visits. (You can even send Runic greeting cards!)

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