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Under Garments

Quilted Petticoat, c. 1850's United States

Materials: Top and lining white cotton muslin, thin layer of batting, porcelain buttons.

Condition: Excellent, 2 tiny brown spots.

Measurements: B 24-25", L 35", hem C 92".

Comments: When held to light small dark cotton seeds can be seen in the thin batting layer! Beautiful workmanship, entirely hand stitched. quilted border of flowers & vines 20" deep.

CW Era Petticoat

This is a wonderful 1860s Civil War white cotton petticoat with 11 pleated tucks and trimmed with crocheted lace at the hem.

A fully gathered back waistband with a wide ungathered front waistband that might suggest maternity use.

It measures: waist 35 inches, length 35 inches, and circumference 106 inches.

Foundation Stay

A choice woman's white cotton foundation referred to as a corset. Unboned.

Parallel lines of hand stitching form rows of horizontal cording at the breasts. A center slot pocket to accommodate a busk, not with the corset.

Back laced with 13 of 14 bone eyelets, new woven tape lacing.

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