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Historian and Balladeer Lucas Speer at Stinking Springs
where Billy the Kid was captured by Pat Garrett.

Last Updated On March 7, 2008 With Many New Photos and articles Added! Check back often for even more photos that will be added soon!!!

Ballad Of Billy The Kid
A live Performance of the Ballad by Lucas

Hi, my name is Lucas Speer. I would like to welcome you to my Billy the Kid Website. Aside from Jesse James, Billy the Kid is probably one of the most famous outlaws in America, if not the world. Since his death on July 14, 1881 there have been numerous books written about him, not to mention over forty movies. Some of them portray him as a cold-blooded killer, while others portray him as a New Mexico version of Robin Hood. Unfortunately we can't talk with and get to know Billy the Kid, because he has been dead for well over a century. If Billy were alive today he could answer all of our burning questions in just a few minutes and the controversy would be over. I have created this website to share my knowledge from years of research and to provide all of those interested around the world a chance to see some of Billy's old haunts as they appear today. Sometimes there is little more than a foundation left, but if you concentrate real hard you can definately feel the history at these places and sense the haunting presence of Billy the Kid. Welcome to my website and to your online tour of Billy the Kid Country!!!

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The following descriptions of the historical sites appear on this website courtesy of the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang.

Silver City
Here Billy briefly attended school. His family home was near the corner of Broadway and Main. Billy made his first jail escape here, and thus the explosive trail of American's Most Enduring Legend began. Billy's mother, Catherine Antrim, died of tuberculosis here in 1874 and is buried in Memory Lane Cemetery.

Lincoln (Under Construction)
The focal point of the famous Lincoln County War. Also the site of Billy's last escape from jail leaving deputies Bell and Ollinger dead. This village is relatively untouched by time and is a historical district with several museums and monuments

Tunstall Murder Site (Updated)
A strong bond developed between Billy and his employer, John Tunstall. A well educated, wealthy Englishman, he was new to the way of life he found in the territory. A writ on a drummed up charge, was served on Tunstall and 30 miles from his ranch, near Glencoe, a drunken posse ambushed and killed him. Billy saw the whole affair and vowed to avenge Tunstall's brutal death. See the historical marker on highway 70 near Glencoe.

Blazer's Mill (Updated)
Site of a furious gun battle between the Regulators and Buckshot Roberts on April 4, 1878. Buckshot Roberts and Regulator captain Richard Brewer were killed and Billy was the only one charged with the killing. Those present later stated that it was actually Charlie Bowdre that fired the fatal bullet into Roberts. The graves of the two killed, Roberts and Dick Brewer are near the Mescalero Apache village. See the historical marker nearby.
L.G. Murphy's Carrizo Springs Ranch
This ranch near White Oaks, New Mexico once belonged to Lawrence Murphy who founded the "House" in Lincoln.

White Oaks (Updated)
White Oaks, was once a bustling mining town of 25 hundred people during the Lincoln County War. Billy rode into White Oaks occasionally and a White Oaks posse followed and surrounded him and his gang at Greathouse stage station north of here. Sheriff Garrett came here for lumber to build gallows to hang Billy.

Greathouse Station and Tavern (NEW)
Jim Greathouse, early in 1880, purchased a ranch and established a stage station 40 miles north of White Oaks. There, Billy and his gang were besieged by a posse. In an attempt to negotiate the surrender of the gang, deputy Carlyle was caught in the crossfire and killed. In retaliation, a mob burned the station down. Carlyle buried here on private property. See historical marker south of Corona.

Stinking Springs (Updated)
In December 1880, Billy the Kid, Dave Rudabaugh, Billy Wilson, Charlie Bowdre, and Tom Pickett, stopped at the abandoned rock house. Pat Garrett and posse tracked the gang here before morning, split up and surrounded the house. At day break, Bowdre stepped out and was killed. Billy tried to pull a horse inside, but Garrett shot it and the horse fell dead in the door, eliminating any further attempt to escape. Freezing bodies and craving stomachs overcame brave hearts, so Billy and the gang surrendered. They were fed and taken to Old Fort Sumner, where they were bound and shackled and taken to Las Vegas. Near the historical marker near Taiban on Highway 60-84.

Puerto de Luna (New)
Alexander Gtzelachowski set up a mercantile business and became alcalde, postmaster, wool buyer and rancher. He told his clerks to understand that Billy the Kid was not to be denied ammunition and supplies whenever he wanted them. Pat Garrett went there often, in hopes of trapping Billy and his gang. Billy ate his last Christmas dinner here after surrender at Stinking Springs. Puerto became the county seat, but was short lived, as the railroad bypassed and Santa Rosa was born. The church, "Our Lady of Refuge," is fascinating with it quasi-Byzantine dome, and it's moorish shaped windows showing the French Padre influence.

Los Portales Spring
A favorite hideout for Billy and his gang. The old military road passed through here from Colorado City, Texas, to Old Fort Sumner. It is said that Billy once considered operating a way station here, but events found him here for other reasons. See the historical marker on Highway 70 northeast of Portales.

Old Fort Sumner (Updated)
On U.S. 60-84, between mile post 330 and 331, go south 3 1/2 miles on Billy the Kid Road. Walk where the gunfighters, soldiers, and indians walked and relive their past. See the tombstone that marks the real grave. This was stolen in 1950. For twenty six years it remained a mystery until Joe Bowlin recovered it from Granbury, Texas. It was again stolen and taken to California. It has again been retrieved and back in place at Billy's feet. See the stone marking the graves of Billy the Kid and his "PALS" Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'Folliard. The site of the Maxwell house, where Pat Garrett shot and killed Billy the Kid in the darkened bedroom. Flood waters from the pecos river washed this site away. Billy died as he had lived. The Old Fort Sumner Museum and Monument are near the authentic grave site of Billy the Kid. One of Billy's victims, Joe Grant, is also buried in this cemetery, though the exact location of his grave is unknown.

Pat Garrett Murder Site
The leasing of Pat Garrett's Bear Canyon Ranch was the final controversy in Pat's life. Cattle and horses, was the verbal agreement; however, Wayne Brazel chose to run "goats" which were an anathema to Garrett. On February 29, 1908, Brazel broke into the sheriff's office in Las Cruces, exclaiming: "Lock me up, I've just killed Pat Garrett!!!" Historical marker near Garrett's murder site, mile post 154 on Highway 70 east of Las Cruces.

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