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The historical marker on the highway near Corona, New Mexico.
As with most Billy related sites, the marker is located a good distance from the actual site.

From a letter Billy the Kid wrote to Governor Lew Wallace on December 12, 1880........."After mine and Billie Wilson's horses were killed we both made our way to a station, forty miles from the Oaks kept by Mr. Greathouse. When I got up next morning the house was surrounded by an outfit led by one Carlyle, who came into the house and demanded a surrender. I asked for their papers and they had none. So I concluded it amounted to nothing more than a mob and told Carlyle that he would have to stay in the house and lead the way out that night. Soon after a note was brought in stating that if Carlyle did not come out inside of five minutes they would kill the station keeper (Greathouse) who had left the house and was with them. In a short time a shot was fired on the outside and Carlyle thinking Greathouse was killed jumped through the window breaking the sash as he went and was killed by his own Party they think it was me trying to make my escape. The Party then withdrew. They returned the next day and burned an old man named Spencer's house and Greathouses also".

On 7/20/06 Lucas Speer and Virginia Clark located the actual site. This photo shows the actual site located on private property a few miles away. The Greathouse station and tavern was located in the low area beneath this cluster of trees. Rocks from the foundation still remain.

A close-up of the rocks remaining from the old station building.

The stagecoach tracks are still visible just in front of the remains.
The stage ran from White Oaks and stopped at the Greathouse Station and Tavern.

The rocks and rubble seen above are all that remains of the old Greathouse Station and Tavern. It was burned by the Hudgens posse from White Oaks the following day after deputy James Carlyle was killed. Billy the Kid claimed that Carlyle was shot by his own men.

These stumps are remains of the old corral located near the Station.

Deputy James Carlyle's grave located on top of the hill northeast of the ruins.

Another view of Carlyle's grave.

This melted glass from the station is in the private collection of the property owner.

These rifle and revolver shell casings were found at the location of the old Greathouse Station and Tavern and most date back
to the 1880's. They are also in the private collection of the property owner.

Looking at the scenery in this area near the building remains makes it easy to imagine how it must have been in Billy's time.
This area still appears to be very open and untamed.

The local citizens recently decided to rename this road to reflect the history of the area.
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