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Lincoln pretty much as it appeared in 1878.

The historical marker in front of the vacant lot
where the McSween house once stood.

Site of the McSween House

The above photo shows a drawing of what
the McSween house looked like.

During the Lincoln County War this building was the mercantile store known locally as the house.
It was owned and operated by Jimmy Dolan and Company. In later years it served as the Lincoln County courthouse
and was the same building that Billy the Kid made his famous escape from.

John Tunstall with the help of his partner Alexander McSween had this store built in 1877
in an attempt to make his own fortune while at the same time attempting to take over
the mercantile monopoly that Dolan and Company currently held in Lincoln.
John Tunstall and Alex McSween were warned by Susan McSween that if they entered into the store business
that they would be murdered. However John Tunstall ignored Susan's premonitions and opened the store.
He was later murdered on February 18, 1878 while driving horses from his ranch on the
Rio Feliz back to the corral behind his store. It was from this same corral behind the store
that the Regulators later ambushed
Sheriff William Brady on April 1, 1878.

The historical marker in front of the Tunstal Store and Museum

The interior of the Tunstall Store

Lucas standing between the graves of John Tunstall
and Alexander McSween near the Tunstall store.

Alex McSween's grave located behind Tunstall's store.

John Tunstall's grave located behind his store.

Sheriff Peppin's house on the western
edge of town as it appears today.

Billy the Kid's Last Escape