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The Hall of Fame

This is the heaven where all good games end up.
This is where the best games ever are recognized.
This is the "Hall of Fame"

Only the Best games in the world end up here. This is heaven on earth.

Great Games:

9) Dragon Warrior IV The only game from the Dragon Warrior series I can rember. It is the story of the "hero" (male or female- your choice)and the other people who help later in the game. Mara and Tara, the twins, a princes, a salesman (he was a cool guy!) and some other people, too!

8) Secret of Mana Cute game. I liked it because it was the first game I ever played.

7) Chrono Cross A GREAT game! I loved all of the charicters... but the endings... They all sucked! I even used the Chrono Cross, but it was worse that way.

6) Final Fanatsy IX A very funny game. Long too. I loved the plot... the only reason it isn't further up is because it was WAY too easy! I mean come on... little "!"s over people's heads, come ON! but then again, it did go back to the basics! I LOVE Vivi!

5) Chrono Trigger This game defines RPGs with multiple endings! It has a storyline and has that cool "+" game after you beat it! It was great!

4) Final Fantasy VIII Ahh the great FF8. It was very good. The musical score was amazing, and the people we're very funny, especialy Zell. It broke away from the traditional FF games, but so did 7. Gotta love plot twists!

3) Final Fantasy VII This game had number one potential! I mean the music was awesome! I use many FF7 songs on this page... the only thing I didn't like was Aries' death.

2) Final Fantasy IV Ahh FF4 the sweet bliss of the SNES. The people in this story could have been your best friend or your brother, they were so real. Palom and Palorm RULE! This game had class, especialy the Paladin (not P-Aladin)

And the number one game that should be put on display for the whole world to see is...

1) Final Fantasy VI Everyone's favorite hero, everyone's favorite villian, what is this game missing? It is put together great and shale be here on this page always and forever! Go Locke (the faceless wonder!) Go Kelfka (The scaryest clown in the world!)

The Wall of Shame